Up Close And Social With Aimee Marks

Aimee Marks - TOM Organic CEO

Social media is different for everybody, which is why we talk to different professionals about their experiences, tips, tricks and advice. Learn from them here.

Offering women a chemical free, organic personal care option that is better for their body and better for the planet? No easy task.

Why is your business a social business?

We use social media as our major platform to educate and connect with our community. Engagement is the key in any social situation. Relationships are everything. It’s incredible to see our Australian female community grow with so many women empowered to share our story and the TOM brand with one another.

What are your social media pet hates?

I see social media as an incredible vehicle to drive positive change, rather than negative, and to build a community and educate lives for the better. It’s a place to inspire, uplift and influence all generations to re-think product and lifestyle choices and to hopefully transpire this ethos into other areas of life so society live more consciously.

Where do you go for social inspiration?

Instagram, Pinterest, and Google are amazing place to deep-dive into hours of inspiration. I am always on the lookout for beautiful places or designs. I also seek social inspiration by having conversations with people – for example, health professionals and midwives and at mother’s group. I am so inspired by other people’s stories, particularly those that are entrepreneurial – people who think differently, to understand just how they’ve made it all happen. I also subscribe to platforms like INC and THE DIE LINE, which are great business resources and daily sources of information. When sourcing tactile inspiration, I will look in unsuspecting places for packaging or to cultures who do it particularly well like the Japanese.

What’s your social secret?

Keeping your content authentic and ensuring that your visuals are aesthetically appealing and on-brand. Collaborating with likeminded brands is also an incredible way to share platforms and to form relationships. As far as scheduling, morning’s and afternoon’s are the best time to post and generally no more than two posts per day. Written content, particularly on Instagram, should be generally no more than a few sentences otherwise people keep scrolling.

Website: tomorganic.com.au