Up Close & Social With Megan Davis

Megan Davis – Spendlove and Lamb

Social media is different for everybody, which is why we talk to different professionals about their experiences, tips, tricks and advice.  Learn from them here.

Working with people, businesses and organisations is all about working with their story.  Getting it out there is all about making the world a better place.

Why is your business a social business?

I am in love with stories: real stories about real people. You know the saying, “Truth is stranger that fiction.” The longer I do this social media thing the more I realise this is true. Being a social business means creating connections between the right people. Telling the right story to the right person is the beginning of a journey you take together. This journey becomes a shared experience and that is the way to grow your business or passion project.

My love of storytelling makes running a social business a natural fit. You tell the stories and I am the amplifier. I am constantly amazed- there are so many fantastic stories to tell. I greedily consume and savour them all. I don’t even watch TV any more. I find the stories I hear every day more interesting than anything a screenwriter could come up with. All true stories are extraordinary and everyone has one.

What are your social media pet hates?

Anything that looks overly ‘salesy’ is bad social as far as I am concerned. Remember social media is about relationship building. Online communication is not all “Buy, buy, buy”, it is “Let’s have a chat. Let’s find out what we have in common.” Like any good relationship, these things happen slowly and develop over time.

Where do you go for social inspiration?

Podcasts, art, music, books and most importantly, real stories from real people.

What’s your social secret?

The three F’s of social – Find, Friend and Facilitate. Find cool people, follow, friend or connect with them on social, and then facilitate conversations with them.

We are the value in social media platforms. How much would the multi-billion dollar Facebook be worth if everyone shut their accounts tomorrow? Nothing. Let’s use our power and get connecting!

Website – spendloveandlamb.com