Up Close & Social With Erika Geraerts

Erika Geraerts – Frank Body Scrub/Willow & Blake/LBSS

Social media is different for everybody, which is why we talk to different professionals about their experiences, tips, tricks and advice.  Learn from them here.

Over 100,000 selfies of people covered in coffee and nearly 645,000 followers on Instagram.  A day in the life for Willow & Blake.

Why is your business a social business?

At Willow and Blake we have always focused our service around social media.  We believe it is an integral part of connecting with customers on a more personal level, as it represents a real time conversation with them.

What are your social media pet hates?

We definitely have a ‘Do and Don’t list that we give clients who plan on managing social media in-house.

  • We are almost always adverse to exclamation marks- not only are they overused, but also can come across as too sales focused. You’d never yell at your customers, right!?
  • We don’t like excessive use of #’s or generic tags as a pull to get likes. A successful social strategy shouldn’t have to rely on such a tactic, instead focusing on engaging content that will drive organic reach and growth.
  • Consistency is incredibly important. People who post five images one after another and then post nothing for a week will find it hard to maintain a following and brand presence.
  • Visual aesthetics on a social profile should always be considered, not just each individual image, but the page as a whole. E.g. filters, borders, fonts etc.
  • Avoid swopping and changing your brand’s tone of voice e.g. talking as a company and then talking as a person in the next post. Unless this is part of your social strategy with multiple authors as your social presence, it can be confusing and detrimental to your brand.

Where do you go for social inspiration?

Our heads are in the internet every single day- scrolling through Instagram, looking at blogs (there are some amazing Tumblr accounts that provide aesthetic inspiration), as well as looking through books. Often we see something from one business or brand and that sparks thoughts and ideas about another.

We are also constantly talking to people around us who will share other brands that they follow for inspiration.

A favourite- Jessica Walsh instagram.com/jessicavwalsh

You will start on her feed and end up 20 pages deep in someone else’s profile.

What’s your social secret?

Find your voice on social media.  This means figuring out who you are and how you are going to talk to your customer:  making it all about them, understanding who they are and what they like or dislike, what they are looking for from you and then seeking to solve that problem for them.

Work with other people. We contact different individuals and businesses every day to see if there is an opportunity to collaborate.  It might be as simple as “We love your page” or we may send a proposal for working together.  Not every email will get a reply, but more often than not we’ll hear back, in which we will work together to come up with some amazing ideas to leverage each other’s networks and followings.

Website – willowandblake.com