Like Minds & Like Finds – One Night Stand Sleepwear

While the world’s problems don’t seem to be slowing down, and the majority of non-for-profits and charities chase the philanthropist and government dollar, we believe that the world is waking up to business playing its part. If all for-profit companies give something every time they sell something, we will all be a part of positive social and environmental impact. It’s as simple as that.

One Night Stand supports young people sleeping rough because it makes sense. If you get the chance to purchase something that makes you sleep better, why not make sure you’re helping someone else sleep better too?

Youth homelessness is a complex issue that manifests in a variety of ways. There is no single cause and, unfortunately, no single fix. By supporting some of the many amazing non-for-profits and charities that work tirelessly to address the challenges young people face, we do what we feel every business in the world should do: what good we can.

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