Up Close And Conscious With Jamie Green – One Night Stand Sleepwear

One Night Stand supports young people sleeping rough because it makes sense. If you get the chance to purchase something that makes you sleep better, why not make sure you’re helping someone else sleep better too?

Why is your business a conscious business?

I believe that the world needs change and that change shouldn’t be left up to Charity and Governments, Business needs to play a big part of it and the more that are helping the quicker we can change things for the better.

Where did your journey into conscious business begin and what was the catalyst for doing things differently?

I became passionate about helping youth homelessness through my own experiences with hardship. Once I got back on my feet I felt compelled to create a business that addressed the issue creatively. For me, it starts with the cause. 

A lot of different organisations work to create positive change in the lives of young people sleeping rough. I set out to engage the youth market in giving while also providing them with cool, cheeky products from a relevant, credible brand. I believe that young people will help young people when they’re given the chance – and it helps if it appeals to them!

Where do you go for conscious inspiration and ideas?

Other people in the space, it started with Richard Branson then I found TOMs, Who Gives a Crap, Thankyou, STREAT and the list goes on. I read a lot, well as much as I can, reading what other people are up to keeps me excited.

How do you know you are on the right path with your business model?

We get a lot of positive response, when you have some of the biggest people in the business saying you’re on to a good thing, I guess you believe them.

Website – onenightstandsleepwear.com