Up Close And Conscious With Ruby Marsh – A Conscious Beauty

A Conscious Beauty is an online informational resource to enable women to discover their own brand of beautiful.

Why is your business a conscious business?

In essence, the desire of A Conscious Beauty is to allow women to explore beauty from a holistic approach. Inside and out rather than the mainstream version of beauty that media have us believe in. This is expressed as ‘a journey into understanding your brand of beautiful’ rather than a quick fix, or a radically expensive, toxic-filled cream.

Although early days, my approach to business stems from the conscious beauty way of life. I believe, it is about reducing toxicity in all areas of your life and allowing a real, radiant, version of yourself shine through. Coming from a place of authenticity is first and foremost.

My tribe is filled with beautiful women who are also conscious beauties. They are mindful about what products they put on their skin, the food they put in their mouths and how they nurture their relationship with their body. I am also aware that many of my tribe are just starting out on their journey, so it’s also about providing information and resources that are simple and easy to implement. I believe that to be conscious doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be perfect, it starts with curiosity and awareness and ultimately a desire to be unconventional.

Where did your journey into conscious business begin and what was the catalyst for doing things differently?

A Conscious Beauty started as a blog primarily as an outlet to share my own unique journey with women around the world. I wanted to condense a decade or so journey into intentional actionable snippets of information.

Having a ‘conscious’ vein run through every area of the business – from events and skincare companies I work with has allowed opportunities to collaborate with small business who share a common ethos. Relationships are organic and authentic – it’s important they feel right.

Through the brand A Conscious Beauty, my goal is to create products and services – e-books, online coaching courses and workshops that simplify what has been a long journey for me, yet could be achieved by women around the world with a few simple changes. My first mini-ebook is about to go live in a couple of weeks – wish me luck!

Where do you go for conscious inspiration and ideas?

I am a total Instagram addict, and admittedly I probably spend more time liking and following than I do posting! It’s a great way to expand your tribe and connections, and find the latest and greatest products on the market. It’s also important when a large part of your business is online to dedicate intentional offline time, whether it be attending events or meeting with fellow wellness business owners.

How do you know you are on the right path with your business model?

Great question! As far as product collaborations go, that’s an area of the blog that I am investing time in right now. This requires patience, persistence and it’s scary. I receive emails weekly from companies and PR agencies to review products, but I’m mindful of who I say yes to because often they don’t quite feel right or meet my standards. At certain point there also needs to be a value exchange that is sustainable for both parties.

Through this journey, I am very fortunate to have met so many beautiful women who form both my tribe and those that I collaborate with. It is so easy to lead a double life, through the lens of a social media persona. I firmly believe that when you are your brand, and you are the real deal, online and offline, the opportunities will flow. This is especially true if you wish to connect with your tribe in a real world sense.

Website – aconsciousbeauty.com