Up Close And Connected With Jess Ruhfus – Founder & CEO Collabosaurus

Collabosaurus was created to make it easier for businesses of all shapes and sizes to source effective partnerships.

Why Collabosaurus?

I started Collabosaurus because I saw the power of strategic brand partnerships in both big and small business. Collabosaurus makes it easy to connect with complimentary brands, leverage marketing assets and ultimately grow your business within a location, audience or space you desire. I called it ‘Collabosaurus’ because strategic partnerships are most effective when two brands collaborate creatively in order to tap into each others’ audiences.

Why is connection important to you?

Connection is the most important element within any business! The connection between customer and brand – both emotionally and physically – determine a reputation, a community and ultimately success. In addition, networking connections are invaluable in enabling a company to succeed. The people I have met along the journey that is Collabosaurus have significantly impacted the way we do business, how we have grown and the type of community we have built.

How does Collabosaurus support small business connecting?

Collabosaurus is a match making platform for brands to find valuable, mutually beneficial brand collaborations. We cut down the research, reach-out and negotiation time it takes to traditionally source a valuable collaboration. It’s anonymous, allowing for big and small brands to find each other based on desirable assets. We also ensure that all of the projects on Collabosaurus are willing to ‘give’ as much as they want to get.

There is clearly a direct correlation between connection and collaboration, why do you believe these two things are so important to the future of small business?

I believe that all successful businesses have navigated the concepts of ‘connection’ and ‘collaboration’ in a way that speaks to their audience in an authentic voice, from a place of value. Small businesses are at an advantage here, where connection and collaboration are more achievable on a human, one-on-one level. The future of small business is heavily reliant on this fact, because it’s a significant point of difference between the big guys and smaller communities.

What tips do you have for small business owners seeking to connect with others in order to grow their business?

  • Know your assets and what you want. Knowing both how you want to benefit from collaborations, as well as what you have to offer are vital and will determine the success of a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Attend events. Expanding your network through attending relevant events not only draws you out of your home office and your own headspace, they’re also opportunities to learn and connect.
  • Leverage as much as possible. What is the purpose of an amazing, creative brand collaboration if nobody knows about it? Leverage publicity, social media, email lists, events etc to gain as much exposure as possible.

Website – collabosaurus.com