Up Close And Reset With Adam Jelic – Managing Director MI Goals

Why do you believe resetting from a business perspective is so important?

I believe not only in business but in general life its important to reset and refresh. If we don’t then the obvious consequence is burn out and getting complacent at what you do.

What do you do to reset for the year ahead?

I take time off to spend with my family and also think big picture stuff in terms of the vision and what the next year ahead will look like not just in business but also different parts of my life.

How do you create the space amongst the busy of small business to ensure that you work on your business?

Taking time to think about the big picture stuff. I agree it is really easy to fall into the trap of being busy but not really progressing as much as you would like. I look to dedicate a few hours a week to work on big picture ideas for the business.

Where do you go for ideas and inspiration when developing your plan for the year ahead?

A walk around the local lake or a game of golf really clears my mind and helps me find inspiration and new ideas.  Each of us have our tools that work for us and I think its important you become aware of these and consciously look to use them as often as possible.

What simple tips do you have a for a small business owner wanting to create a strategic plan but overwhelmed by the thought of it?

First tip is to simply do a brain dump of ideas, thoughts, words. Just start and from that initial brain dump you can filter the ideas and develop a very simple 1 to 2 page strategic plan for the business. Similar to your goals things can change so what you put down doesn’t need to be perfect but its so important you have a sense of direction.