Up Close And Reset With Kaylene Langford – Director StartUp Creative

Why do you believe resetting from a business perspective is so important?

One of the best things about running a startup/small business is the freedom to adapt and change every step of the way. Before StartUp Creative I worked in big organisations that made innovation and spontaneous collaborations quite tedious. I regularly (once a week) take a step back from my business, reset goals and realign my work to my vision. It helps me to stay focused on what I am working on and prioritise my tasks to ensure I am not wasting time on tasks that don’t take me closer to my goal or are not making me money.

What do you do to reset for the year ahead?

On the first of Jan I start a 10 day detox with my eating choices and exercise. I sit down and map out on paper what major event or goal I will be working on each month of the year. I map out the team of people I will need to help make those goals happen and make myself a visual dream board that goes on the wall in my bedroom. I also put financial and growth goals on my office wall.

How do you create the space amongst the busy of small business to ensure that you work on your business?

A while ago now I decided not to take meetings on Monday’s or Friday’s. This gives me the freedom to take time for myself or my relationship on those days if I need or do a solid day of interrupted work if I have a tight deadline (e.g magazine time of year)

I have started outsourcing my meals, getting healthy lunches delivered to the office means it is one less thing to worry about in my day and my energy can go straight into my work. I am a big believer in outsourcing, if you don’t enjoy or need to be doing a certain task, find someone who does it well and let them do it, your time is better spent doing what you’re good at.

I start everyday taking 10 mins to write a to-do list that has the most urgent/important tasks at the top. Drinking lots of water throughout the day and taking a walk out into the fresh air helps me stay focused.

Where do you go for ideas and inspiration when developing your plan for the year ahead?

I find I have a lot of ideas for my business in my head. The challenge is giving myself enough quite time to allow them to be revealed to me by my brain. I read a lot of business books whilst sun baking on the beach or travelling, this inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing. (good books : 4 hour work week, tipping point, secrets of a millionaire mind) I also find getting together with a bunch of creative people that I respect and bouncing ideas off each other makes my mind blow. Pinterest is amazing for creative inspiration and planning from a visual point of view.

What simple tips do you have a for a small business owner wanting to create a strategic plan but overwhelmed by the thought of it?

Don’t make it a chore, think of it as an exciting way to set your sites on what is possible for you and your business. Don’t worry about the how, that comes easy once you decide WHAT it is that you want. If you get stuck on the details of money, resources etc you lose the joy that comes with dreaming big. Go big, keep it simple and just start.

Pick up a piece of paper write out the months in columns and start putting in goals of when you want to launch, sell or create certain things in you’re business. If you’re feel extra motivated. Take each of those goals on their own set of paper and work backwards. Start making a list of the simple steps you need to get each of those goals off the ground. Don’t forget to make up your own rules, in small business/startup world, there are no rules!

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