#NakedForChange Mentor

You don’t have to see the whole staircase just to take the first step – Martin Luther King

This transformative mentoring program is designed to fast track your Master Plan to a life you love and bring your personal wellbeing back into check.  We spend three intensive one to one workshop sessions exploring possibility and enabling action with impact and then back it up with a booster session.  It’s creative, a little uncomfortable and a load of fun.  Rest assured you will walk away energised and empowered to design a life you love.

At this end of this program you will have:

  • Clarity on what matters to you and makes you truly happy and how that can be leveraged to design a life you love
  • A concrete Master Plan to enable your journey into a life you love
  • Connection to new like minds, from my extensive international professional network, who can support you on your journey
  • A set of evergreen tools that will serve you in any change that you seek to take on in the future
  • Improved confidence in your own ability to make change.
  • Improved your resilience skill enabling you to manage when things don’t go according to plan


This is how we roll…noting that every #NakedForChange program unfolds differently as we unpack the specific needs of you.

Workshop 1 – Facing Fear & Finding Purpose

  • We explore why courage is the foundation of change, what fears are holding you back and how to build the bravery to get comfortable in your uncomfortableness
  • We unpack the change you are seeking and explore why it’s important to you. Discover and apply a simple process to gain clarity on your purpose

Workshop 2 – The Power Of Possibility

  • We get clear on what happiness looks like for you in the next 12 months. Then we have a little fun bringing it visually to life through a creative process.
  • We identify the gaps and opportunities that exist between your current reality and what happiness looks like and turn that into a plan on a page that will enable you to step towards your happy now

Workshop 3 – The Master Plan

  • We roadmap and get visual working through the milestones that take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Enabling you to see the bigger picture brokendown into bite sized pieces and track your progress.
  • We work the details to turn this dream into a solid plan of attack. Talking resources, connections and skill building.
  • We may even weave in a little personal branding strategy to reposition how your perceived by perspective collaboration partners or employers.

The Booster – Accountability & Reflection

This follow up session is designed to reconnect once you’ve had a chance to progress your plan. We talk what’s working, what’s not and we tweak to make sure you stay on track.

Money Back Guarantee

I love what I do, I know it works however I understand that you need to feel comfortable in your investment decision. If you have committed 100% to the program and demonstrated that you have undertaken all of your homework yet do not believe I have delivered on my promise I guarantee a full refund.

Your Investment In You

Just $1499 to work one on one with a change rockstar and redesign your future around happiness.  If you have questions that have not been answered or would like to know more about the program book a free ten minute consultation here.