The #NakedForChange 101 Online Program

“I want to be brave with my life.  And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked.  We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both.”

– Brene Brown

Three years ago, I was stuck between the life I had spent 39 years building and creating the life I knew would make me happy. As a professional who managed multimillion dollar change, I had been led to believe that action should not be taken without a detailed perfect plan.

What if I told you that waiting for the perfect plan to unfold could prevent your true happiness from being realised? It almost stopped mine! One of the most powerful things I have learnt from making happy change is that there is no perfect plan. I believe that the clarity and the confidence to make real change comes in learning the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort and taking action.

If you’re feeling stuck in work or life and have been waiting for the perfect plan to unfold before you do anything, you’re  an ideal candidate for the #NakedForChange 101 program.

What Is #NakedForChange 101 (#NFC101)?

The Place To Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start

#NFC101 is a transformative online learning experience that runs for four weeks. This program is designed to fast track happiness on your terms no matter where in the world you are.

#NFC101 is broken down into bite sized pieces so you can focus on one step in your journey at a time.

This program is strictly limited to only 30 students to ensure a high quality learning experience.

Is This For Me?

This program is for curious beings feeling stuck in work or life but willing to invest and commit to learning how to make lasting change.  If you’re seeking greater happiness, #NFC101 is the place to start.

How Do I Find Out More?

Get all the juicy details and take a look at the program outline by simply clicking

What Do Past Students Have To Say?

“I wanted to thank you for supporting me to be part of the program and for providing such a structured yet flexible approach to tackling change. I feel like the tools and resources you have given me will stand me in good stead and I love how wide their application will be from professional challenges to personal ones.

For me, the amount of content per week was really manageable – there was no fluff or BS – it all cut right to the chase and was really valuable. I loved the tech platform itself that you used, the weekly emails, and how responsive you were on Facebook and via email. I also devoured a lot of the additional resources and appreciated the recommendations!

I certainly got a lot out of the course and will continue to revisit my plan on a page and happiness statement on a regular basis. I’ve also found that little phrases and ways of thinking have already seeped into my daily life and I’ve used them to support others (telling them that I got them from you of course!).”

– Carmen

“I loved that it was a weekly thing and it wasn’t so demanding that I didn’t have time to listen to the lessons and look at all the extra tips you gave us (Ted talks, blogs etc) whilst still doing the weekly activity plan.  I loved that it felt like I wasn’t alone doing it and that you were there in the background to help if needed.  Even though you weren’t physically with me when I was doing the program it felt like you were close at hand if needed but all of it was so well explained and thought out that I didn’t feel like I needed that much help, more just the time to do the self reflection and get going with my action sheet.  I also loved the Facebook group.”

– Olivia

“Penny helped me ask the right questions. I found that she could help me look at obstacles/ challenges from a totally different perspective. Her program provided the structure and support that i needed in order for me to explore my challenges and fears.

I found my contact with her has provided inspiration and forward momentum in my own activities.
The program has given me tools which will continue to help me navigate my future. Thanks so much Penny.”

– Anna

“You’ve helped in ways I didn’t expect, I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable and I like the way you’ve helped extend my thinking. This has been the next step in determining what my priorities are and how to find a way for my work to align with them. I have and am still finding in the program incredibly thought provoking and ever inspiring. It’s not overwhelming and it’s not stressful. Penny’s enthusiasm is a motivating factor and her interviews with women from her network have really opened my mind to ways of thinking I had not tapped into for a long time.”

– Hillary

“I found myself living my life for others and not myself. This course helped me to refocus on what is really important to me. I’m excited about the changes I’m going to make.”