I’m on a mission to empower 100,000 curious beings to make positive change and find their happy by 2020.

How would you live your life
if you had no fear?

I believe in the power of possibility. We all have the ability to curate a life we love.

Over 500 curious kin across Australia have shared with me that their greatest barriers to positive change lie in: fear of failure and what others will think, lack of clarity around what a life they love looks like and the belief that there is a need for a perfect plan before personal change is initiated.


 The purpose of BKindred is to empower curious beings to lead happier lives by building courage, clarity, connection and tactical skill to make change.

BKindred offers unique tactical workshops, online programs, keynote speaking and coaching for individuals and businesses seeking to make postive change.

Penny Locaso

Penny Locaso is fast establishing herself as a purpose driven game changer with a bold vision to empower 100,000 curious beings to make positive change and find their happy by 2020.

With almost 20 years experience leveraging change and collaboration to empower others to find happiness Penny has more recently: facilitated a national event series enabling over 500 curious types to initiate change, Co –Founded The FBOMB Show, with a reach in excess of 11,000 and been published and quoted in the likes of Huffington Post, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald & NZ Entrepreneur.

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