Our Mission.

To teach 1 million women how to future proof happiness in work and life by 2020. 

Our Why.

 We want to see the power of gender diversity realised in technology companies and large corporations in our lifetime.

We want to make the world a happier place, one woman at a time.

Who We Are.

A disruptive global education company, skilling organisations and women to thrive in the future of work.

What We Do.

We help women make change.

We partner with corporations and women in technology communities, to build businesses and careers that make women happy.

We focus on driving cultural innovation and capability, that amplifies human potential and provides the skill to thrive in the future of work.

Our Philosophy

We Care: We put human happiness first in a world of technology.

We Own Our Weirdness: We advocate being true to who you are and owning your quirks because that’s what makes you amazing.

We Celebrate Vulnerability: Breakthrough moments occur when we relinquish control and learn to get comfortable with discomfort.

We Commit: If we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

We Own It: We thrive on self accountability.

We Collaborate: We believe the more you share an idea, the better it gets.

What’s Our Secret?

Our motivation is not money, it’s positive societal impact, which means we choose to only work with companies who are invested in leveraging the future of work, as an opportunity to reconceptualise how gender diversity can be realised to thrive.

We work at the intersection of diversity, innovative change, happiness, and the Future Of Work to amplify human, and organisational potential. Our extensive global networks across entrepreneurship, social enterprise, venture capital and corporate, enable innovative problem solving and thought leadership in the diversity space.

The Harvard Business Review indicates that the key skills required to thrive in the future, include innovative thinking, resilience, humility, open mindedness and emotional intelligence. BKindred has developed diversity focused, transformational leadership programs, cultural advisory services, and keynotes to build the skills of the future.

Penny Locaso is the world’s first Happiness Hacker, on a mission to teach one million women and girls, by 2020, how to future proof happiness in work and life. When Penny couldn’t find a disruptive global education company, that could skill her to future proof her happiness, she went out and created one, Bkindred.

Partnering with corporations like Booking.com, SalesForce, General Assembly, The Department Of Defence, LuluLemon Athletica, Australia Post, schools and technology communities, Penny is transforming lives and organisations, by humanising the future of work. Penny’s passion is focused on technology amplifying human potential, rather than replacing it.

Three years ago, Penny turned her life upside down. In a 7-month period, she left a 16-year career as an executive, relocated a family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18-year relationship, and started BKindred, to positively impact the lives of others. In just 3 short years she has firmly placed herself as a global thought leader on Humanising the Future Of Work, by teaching the ‘how’ of happy change.

As a disruptive leader, Penny went viral on Linkedin (50,000 views) and created a global movement after delivering a keynote in her bathing suit, to demonstrate how stepping into fear, opens the door to possibility.

Penny has been published and quoted in the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Mail UK, SmartCompany, Conscious Magazine, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, Women’s Agenda, The Sydney Morning Herald and NZ Entrepreneur.

To book Penny for your next conference, keynote or to engage the broader services of BKindred contact hello@bkindred.com

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