We exist to amplify the potential of women globally to enable them to thrive in the future. Our goal is to teach 1 million women how to future proof happiness in work and life by 2020. 

BKindred is a disruptive global education company skilling individuals and organisations for a happier future.

The Future Is Happy

We believe the world should be a happier place. At present it feels as though overwhelm and anxiety are the norm. What if we could look at life through a different lens and create happiness on our terms rather than conform to an outdated societal definition?

Research tells us that happier people are more engaged, resilient, innovative, productive and infectious to those around them. Imagine the collective impact of a happier society.

Why Future Proof?

Predictions indicate that the scale of disruption caused by the full realisation of automation and technology are unprecedented. To thrive in the rapidly advancing digital economy, we need to be prepared, but many of us are unsure of how or where to begin.

This technological era provides a unique opportunity to re-conceptualise what work and life means. There has never been a better time to define happiness on your terms and explore innovative ways to weave more of it into your everyday.

Why BKindred?

BKindred exists to make lives happier by teaching individuals, through to global corporations, how to reframe and re-skill for the future. Our programs focus on building life skills that enable you to bring your best you to any situation.

The Harvard Business Review indicates that the key skills required to thrive in the future include innovative thinking, resilience, humility, open mindedness and emotional intelligence. BKindred has developed unique, sustainability focused workshops, keynotes, online programs and mentoring services to develop and amplify the skills of the future.

Our Philosophy

Celebrate Vulnerability: Own your fears, your challenges, and your discomfort.

Commit: If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

Own It: Be accountable. Don’t be a victim.

Collaborate: The more you share an idea, the better it gets. Don’t go it alone.

Get Real: Be honest and true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else.

Penny Locaso is a Happiness Hacker who founded BKindred to teach, individuals through to global corporations, how to future proof happiness in work and life.

Penny is passionate about the opportunities the Future Of Work will provide and creating disruptive interventions that amplify human potential and positively impact the happiness of society.

Penny uses innovative outcomes based tactics to enable sustainable change. Her leadership and professional development programs teach the practices of resilience, happiness, emotional intelligence and self accountability. She has helped individuals and teams from LuluLemon Athletica, Ernst & Young, ANZ, Australia Post, General Assembly, Coles, L’Oreal, Shell, NAB, Treasury Wines, Medibank, Queensland Government and many more.

Three years ago Penny turned her life upside down. In a 7 month period, she left a sixteen year career as an executive, relocated a family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18 year relationship and started her own purpose driven company BKindred. She has since become an ambassador for finding comfort in discomfort and was this year accoladed globally for her bold move to deliver a keynote in her bathing suit (in front of 100 professional women). Her intent? To demonstrate how vulnerability and discomfort are the foundation of making impactful change.

Penny uses diverse yet relatable work and life case studies combined with over 20 years of leadership and change experience to teach the key work and life skills for a happier and more sustainable future.

Her company BKindred along with her Happiness Hacker expertise have been published and quoted in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, SmartCompany, Conscious Magazine, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, Womens Agenda, The Sydney Morning Herald & NZ Entrepreneur.

Penny is a digital nomad with a love of immersing herself in new cultures. Her programs are offered globally. For direct bookings please email penny.locaso@bkindred.com.au

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