When was the last time you met someone who didn’t want to change something in some aspect of their life? Now think about how often those talking about change don’t quite get to the point of action although the quest for personal development beckons. When was the last time I experienced a decent change and it all went according to plan?

The more I listen and collaborate with those who seek change the lack of resilience skill rears its head as solid barrier. Experience tells me building resilience on any level provides a foundation for change.

So why should you care? Because life happens, change happens and will continue to happen and sometimes it can be shitty.

How often do you feel like you are wearing a mask in some capacity, afraid to step out and show what you’re really thinking and who you really are, for fear of judgment? But what if expressing who you really are was far more impactful?

According to Google resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

Resilience to me is the ability to look fear in the face and know that you have it within to be resourceful, move past it and bounce back.

The reference to toughness by Google may lead one to believe that vulnerability and asking for help may not fit the resilience mould. Experience tells me allowing yourself to be vulnerable, showing emotion, passion and actually sharing that you don’t have the answers, but your willing to find them, builds resilience.

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot choose both” – Brene Brown

At a recent Wine and Whiteboards session debating solutions to how we stop girls from losing their confidence participant Stephanie Gaddin stated passionately

“you can’t teach resilience. You have to learn it through mistakes and failure.”

This struck a cord. Since leaving the security of a sixteen year blue chip pay cheque and building a concept from the ground up I’ve realized that the more mistakes I make and the more things don’t go according to plan the more resilient I am becoming.

So for those of you interested in building just a little more resilience into your day below are five simple tactics I employ that turn a bad day around just that little bit quicker.

1. Acknowledge The Feeling

When change happens allow yourself to be present and acknowledge how it makes you feel. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to marinade on why you feel the way you do before you act. But be careful to set a time limit on your marinade because the action will breed the clarity on where to next.

2. Choose Your Energy

Make a conscious choice to focus on the things that you can control not those that you can’t. Direct your energy towards the potential outcomes you can positively impact.

3. Ask Yourself How Much This Matters To You?

A beautiful friend Amy Crawford once said to me, when things don’t go according to plan I ask myself if someone came along tomorrow and took this problem away from me how would I feel? She said if the answer is relieved I give myself permission to let it go.

4. Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is a powerful way to build resilience. It allows us to express who we truly are and how we actually feel. Dipping your toe into vulnerability can be freeing even though it is frightening. It’s a way to become more relatable and authentic. Stop being a afraid to share what you really think, you may actually be surprised to find there are others who think the same way.

5. Get Problem Solving

I believe that there is a solution to every problem otherwise why would the likes of Elon Musk, Richard Branson and many others invest significantly in proving the impossible. You don’t have to be them to apply similar thinking principles. I find problem solving works best for me when there is human connection to bounce off, a little research online and the head space to focus.

6. Own It

If you want to build resilience holding yourself to account on the outcomes you can influence helps. There is a brilliant new resource for personal accountability which can be found at Their mission is simple

“stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.”

So jump on, set a goal, pledge a donation to a charity that you will pay as a penalty if you don’t deliver and ring in an accountability buddy.

In case you’re wondering when I last experienced fear or vulnerability and leveraged these tactics. The answer – just this morning when a collaboration in New York fell through that I had been working for a few months. Five hours later where am I at? Focusing on what I can control, reaching out through technology to connect myself to new like minds across the globe to find another way. Who knows where it will lead but the vibe feels good.





I believe that we have never been more technologically connected and yet humanly felt so disconnected. How does this make you feel? I find the concept alarming in the context of innovation and the personal development of our society. One of the things that gives me the most pleasure and value in my work and my life is connection with others. Everyday I am inspired by listening to random strangers and their perspectives on life.

A year ago whilst on a blind date my dinner companion mentioned the whiteboard he kept in his living room and how on a Saturday night alone, or with a couple of willing mates, they would come together, over wine, and problem solve social issues that they felt passionate about. I was immediately in love with the idea (not the date). That next morning I found myself in the Officeworks checkout paying for my very own whiteboard. A month later we launched Wine & Whiteboards in my living room with the diversity of eight random strangers.

I cannot articulate in written word the unbelievable value this little passion project has bought to my life, my personal development and my business.

How do we better intergrate refugees into society? How do we give disadvantaged youth the same networks and opportunities as affluent kids? Why as a society are we so easily offended by the words and actions of others? How do we stop girls from loosing their confidence? How do we avoid the political situation that has occurred in America from happening in Australia and UnTrump ourselves? Why is there so much domestic violence against women in Australia.

These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the topics that matter to people.

Wine & Whiteboards (W&W) has grown quickly with demand for this forum being called on by blue chip business to build their teams to co-working spaces wanting to use it as a platform for connection and building problem solving skills. W&W is even heading to NYC in May and given the current political climate I think the outputs will be thought provoking.

My nature has always been very action orientated I’m always searching for the outcome to ensure the value. When we started W&W I kept saying to my blind date, and now good friend Rob, this is about us solving one of these big issues that our participants put forward. That’s what matters, that’s our why. I was wrong, that would be a bonus but it became very clear that that was not what this was about. The clarity as I always advocate came in the action and the more we ran W&W the clearer it became.

Wine & Whiteboards connects random strangers through a unique and comfortable experience where they listen to what matters to others and appreciate what informs others perspectives.

It creates understanding, breaks down barriers, enables empathy and leaves people asking the question, five hours later, I’m still not sure what anyone here does because the conversation is so damn good.

We exist to broaden thinking, shift perspectives and create human connection.

Don’t take my word for it. Click here and read about the experience of one of our most recent participants.

If you believe like me that we need more human connection to innovate and grow I challenge you to help me breakdown barriers, diversify thinking and create real human connection fuelled by a little wine.  Let’s look at how we can bring Wine & Whiteboards to your team or community.


It was 6.23am, the smell of wet grass flowed through the air, my four legged friend beside me and the early morning sun streamed through the trees. I was at the local park when it happened. After two years and hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations around career change, catalysts and reinvention I had a moment of enlightenment.

In that moment of presence, alone with nature, I realized that I had not been spending my time, since exiting the corporate world, designing a new career, I had been 150% focused on curating a lifestyle that enabled me to immerse myself in what made me happy.

A lifestyle that would enable me to be truly engaged in my sons development and happiness, a lifestyle that prioritised positive impact on the lives of others and reduced unnecessary material excess that had cluttered my life without adding value for far to long. A lifestyle that enabled the concept of digital nomadery: the ability to work from anywhere and immerse myself in the community that existed in each chosen location. Surprisingly my career reinvention had purely been a by product of the lifestyle I was so passionate about creating.

It soon became apparent that I was not alone as a “LifeStyler”. Following my moment in the park, I sort out the opinions of peers around the concept of lifestyle curation driving greater happiness and found it to resonate.

I believe the rise of the lifestyler is driving a shift in reframing the traditional beliefs around what success looks like. Status, big salaries and flashy expensive material items are so passé with the new black of success being positive impact, life experiences, community connection and flexibility.

How Can I Become A LifeStyler?

•   Start With The End In Mind: Define what success looks like for you in the next 12 months in the context of what would make you truly happy. Try not to focus on numbers or material items but think in terms of what you would have achieved, how you would feel, who you would have shared experiences with, what experiences you would have had, how would you have made others feel.

•   Seek Out Other LifeStylers: These creatures tend to be found spending their days in co-working spaces and evenings at innovative, thought provoking self development community events that can be found on the likes of the meet up app or eventbrite. Facebook groups like the GameChangeHer Squad, Sparrows United or Women In Social Enterprise are another great place to find them.

•   Create A Happy Plan: Leverage the simple BKindred Happy Plan (on just one page) to identify how you can close the gaps between your current state and your definition of success and pull together just three simple actions to make a start. This plan is available for download free when you subscribe to the BKindred mailing list.

•   Talk About It: When you put your intent out into the world it makes it real and makes you accountable. So if you seek to become a lifestyler and curate your version of happy start sharing what that looks like. You will be surprised at how possibility presents itself once others know what matters to you.

If the idea of curating a lifestyle resonates and you’d like a little help and connection to like minds to make it happen, join me in Brisbane for The Happiness Project in April.

The Invisible Value Of A Woman

For years I felt average working amongst my corporate peers. Surrounded by intellectual brilliance (geo-physists, scientists, billion dollar deal makers) everyday can do that to you. It had nothing to do with my performance, I was rock solid on delivery. It wasn’t the behavior of the people I worked with, so many have become good friends over the years and still act as my biggest supporters. It was my self belief (or lack their of) and inability to place a realistic value on my skills and experience. It wasn’t until I stepped out of my day to day and into my own business that I realized the true value of me and allowed myself to feel good about how I could help others.

Over 300 women from across Australia, seem to share the same problem in downgrading their value or at worst making it invisible. I’ve heard…

“I’ve only got 15 years experience in a national giant in supply and distribution but I need another 2 years experience before I start my own fashion business.”

“I’ve been creating fine art for years but I don’t have the technical education to be credible.”

“I stepped out to have kids after a 12 year career in Marketing, I’m not sure what value I can bring to an employer.”

My observation is that the invisible value phenomenon can often manifest via self comparison of others “show real with your behind the scenes” and shining the spotlight on negative comments, we receive, whilst dimming the light on the positive ones.

How can we help others see how great we really are if we are not sure ourselves? If the concept of invisible value resonates why not create your very own Value List? Employ the following tactics and lift your awareness now on what you bring to the table via skills, experience and the uniqueness that is you.

  1. Ask 3 peers what they think your strengths are and write them down.
  2. Add to your list all the things someone will pay you to do.
  3. Now add to your list all the things that make you different from everybody else. Difference is a of value, there is a reason why companies have diversity policies.
  4. Lastly, add to your list the things you love doing. We often invest fully when we do what we love increasing our skill and experience with what seems like little effort. Eg. I love connecting people and collaborating on ideas…thats of value!

The combination of the outputs of these 4 tactics into your personal Value List is a start point for understanding how much value you have to offer and how by being uniquely you can be a point of difference as apposed to a barrier.

If you feel you need a little more help in unpacking your value, hit me up for an Energiser date.


The most valuable resource for the Solopreneur is time. So what if I told you as a Solopreneur I could give you more time in your day to focus on the things that add value? Becoming more efficient in your day to day is a great way to create space to work on your business rather than in it. So here are my top hacks for streamlining and maximizing your time:

Productivity Hacks

Treat Everything As A Pilot – Perfection kills and is time consuming. Often 80% to test an idea is good enough, that’s why silicon valley start ups go out to market with what is called a minimum viable product (MVP). They start basic and enhance their product by being transparent with their customers and working with them to build a product they love.  This is a brilliant way to build relevance and customer engagement as you grow.  Check out’s StartUp Course it’s free and a brilliant visual learning experience that will help you learn how to create an MVP.

Facebook Live – Want to understand more about a customer problem before you invest time in providing a solution? Bring in a peer who is an expert around the perceived pain point and run a live chat about it to your facebook group. Promote the conversation a couple of days prior and ask people for their questions before and during the chat. You will be surprised at the insight this can provide to evolve, pivot or bin an idea.

Collaborate with other Solopreneurs – Together we are better, we have more skills more ideas, more resources, more reach and more fun. Reach out and share your ideas with your peers and watch them grow.

Time block – Make your time focused not distracted. Create a weekly work plan and schedule how you will spend your time. List one top priority for the day, then break it down into no more than three smaller tasks. Allocate time blocks to each task so that you can focus on delivery. Consider working in 90 minute blocks and putting your phone on aeroplane mode whilst your block working.

Template It – If you are writing an email, creating an event, developing a plan, basically doing anything that you know you will need to do again and again in your business, create a template. A template or documented process makes it easy to replicate action the next time you do it or better still hand it over to someone else to action. Investing time in templates upfront makes for light work down the track.

YouTube How To’s – If you are working on something new or stuck on how to fix a problem Youtube it. There will be someone else in the unvierse who has experienced the same pain point and gone online and created a simple How To video to help you solve your problem quickly.  Often trying to fix things you don’t quite get alone can sap time like you wouldn’t believe.

Reflect – Take 15 minutes each Friday morning to reflect on the week that was. Ask yourself what worked, what didn’t and what am I going to do differently next week. This is a great way to take time out and learn from your experiences in a timely way, it also allows you to high five yourself for the wins. To often as solopreneurs we just keep on doing and we forget to celebrate our successes. Acknowledging the little wins gives you motivation and energy to push on.

Be Mindful – Download the Headspace App and allow yourself 5 minutes in the middle of the day to undertake a mindfulness exercise. You will be amazed at how this can re-enrgise your afternoon and your clarity of thought.

Tech Hacks – I use Satori to mange all my coaching client bookings. It provides an end to end solution that details the programs I offer, takes payments, enables live bookings and integrates into my calendar.

Hootsuite – I spend 1.5 hours a week in a time block scheduling my social media to ensure diversity and value of content. Side note: do allow a little space to post fun and random things that come up.

Mailchimp – I use their templates to createmy own professional looking newsletter templates and mailouts to update my community on value adds and what I am up to.

Collabosaurus – I use this website to find prospective collaboration partners that are seeking a mutually beneficial exchange. It’s like tinder for brands and so simple to use.

Canva – I live in canva designing engaging images and professional promotional images to enhance my communications and my brand.

Basecamp – I use this platform to work collaboration projects with partners. It’s a great way to share all the information, documents and work associated with a project and keep track of what happened when.

Eventbrite – A simple way to create ticketed events and process payments. They also allow you to easily replicate any event and tweak it for another location or application.

If you’re looking for more ways to hack it join me and your kin in person this month on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Confessions Of A Career Leaper & Three Tips To Kick Start.

Guest Blog // Kim Knight of Marketing Mate

Once upon a time there was a woman who, despite a whispering inner voice that questioned the current way, made choices and decisions that continued taking her on a particular path in life. She would work extremely hard, continually educate herself, and always be on the lookout for the chance to climb the next step of the corporate ladder to get…. somewhere. This came at a cost to her health, her quality family/friend time and ultimately her happiness.

Then one day after she’d exhausted herself yet again, her inner voice got a little louder, and she began to listen to what it was saying.

“What is this all about for me? Why am I doing this? Is there a better way?”.

All very fair questions, but she was unable to answer any of them well.

That woman was me seven years ago in my early 30s and it was the beginning of a courageous and challenging shift from exhausted worker-bee to the conductor of my own orchestra – metaphorically that is. When I started to actually try and answer those questions honestly, I entered an exciting corridor filled with new doors to opportunity, growth, freedom and above all, purpose.

I realized that the life I had been living was a safe life lived within the boundaries of what I had been taught by my parents, teachers and other important people in society who I loved and admired. I hadn’t been given permission to question it, because it was just how it was. But it just wasn’t me.

It would take time, mean I’d have much less money, and I didn’t know where it would lead me, but I knew I had to start on this new path and just keep going.

How did I actually take the leap? There is no short answer to this. I can attribute many people, personal work and gathering of new knowledge to achieving the jump, and these will be different for everyone. But I believe there are three core actions that are common amongst all people who manage to successfully ditch the daily grind and leap into a career they love. Here they are.

  1. Dream it first, safely and gently

There’s safety in day dreaming and hypothetical brainstorming. You’re allowing your imagination to paint a picture of where you could be, but there’s no commitment and no accountability because no one else knows about it yet. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable because you’re not triggering that part of your mind that questions new things, and makes you fearful. You’re simply telling a story.

It’s important to get this out and in front of you though, and there are several ways to do this – choose one that you prefer. Write it down in a private journal, create a mind map, brainstorm on paper stuck on the walls with different headings, do a private voice recording, paint a picture, or write a song or a story. Whatever works for you to get it out of your head safely and gently.

This subconsciously starts to gently break down what you have always believed to be ‘the way’ and makes room for new possibilities to be allowed in to your thinking.

  1. Make it a little bit real, even if you’re not ready

Do something small that brings your dream ever so slightly into the real world, all the while still not having truly committed to taking the leap. This gives you a chance to once again safely see and feel how it might be for you.

Some ideas include talking to a stranger about your idea as if it is happening, coming up with a business name, registering a business name, creating a simple website home page using a free trial, searching for a domain name, sketching out a logo/album cover/book cover, or writing a simple business plan or marketing plan.

I guarantee you that a feeling will wash over you that you’ve possibly never felt before, almost like an awakening to something so new. You will want to know more about this new feeling and new space. You will realise how un-scary it can be, and that it just might be possible.

  1. Join a tribe of like-minded leapers (or those thinking about it)

Being amongst people who share your thoughts and fears is incredibly empowering. You learn from people who are at different stages of their journey, realise you are not alone, and feel supported in what is a big deal.

You can do this by becoming a member of an online group, working for a time in a collaborative workspace, going to meetings and events with inspiring guest speakers, or having regular coffee meet ups with like-minded friends to share ideas and fears, and encourage each other.

This is yet another great way to support yourself and gently coax yourself in a forward direction where the opportunities become clearer for you, and the fears less apparent.

There are endless positives to how my life is now. I’m excited, inspired, and motivated on a daily basis. I’m also tired, overwhelmed and frightened sometimes, but there’s something about chasing and growing your passion that gives you the ability to get past any obstacle. Get started, be gentle with yourself, and gather support – the rest will come.

Kim Knight is a qualified and experienced marketing professional and the Founder of Marketing Mate, on online web application that helps individuals, small businesses and organizations easily plan and manage their marketing in the one place, any time. She believes marketing plans and the planning process hold the key to success and growth for any business, and that everyone deserves that opportunity. Visit for more information.


Twelve months in from the launch of BKindred and I am continually asked by those following my journey “how is it that you can deliver so much when it’s just you in the business?” Everything that I do from The FBOMB Show, The UnstuckHer Program, Leap Into A Career You Love national event series and more has only been possible due to the power of collaboration.

But before we unpack collaboration we need to talk competitors because the two in my world are intertwined. My mindset around competitors has shifted since my exit from the corporate world.

I used to see competitors as the arch nemesis of business; they were to be watched, feared and seemingly attacked with the introduction of new offerings.

When I started to explore the world of entrepreneurship I was profoundly surprised to find many Founders leveraging their purpose as a compass for business growth and realizing that they could have greater impact if they worked with others focusing on similar outcomes. They would collaborate with businesses who had cross over target segments and often some similarity in offering. The results of these collaborations were inspiring to observe and mutually beneficial. My mindset began to shift and I thought what if we started to share our ideas more broadly rather than keeping them to ourselves, in fear of them being stolen by a competitor. What if we considered an abundance mindset and believed that perhaps there is enough out there for everyone to make their way via their uniqueness.

I soon came to the conclusion that collaboration over competition was a powerful way to differentiate, grow and deliver positive impact because together we are so much better.

Collaboration is a powerful way to expand our resources, close skill gaps, build and expand our connections and reach larger audiences. But to begin? I use three simple steps to kick start collaborations:

Step 1 – Clarify

  • Define what success looks like
  • Summarise the value you bring
  • Define what you need by way of skills, resources, exposure etc.
  • Leverage social media to research perspective partners
  • Create a collaboration wish list

Step 2 – Connect

  • ·Draft a brief collaboration proposal
  • Send it to your collaboration wish list and consider jumping on over to and search the huge array of collaboration opportunities presented by prospective partners.
  • Wait for the magic to happen & if it doesn’t follow up

Step 3 – Co-Create

  • Brainstorm ideas with your collaboration partners
  • Agree what mutual success looks like in the context of the collaboration
  • Articulate roles, responsibilities
  • Create a plan to deliver with clear timings
  • Make it happen
  • Measure success & share learning’s

If you like the idea of collaboration and want to get down with the what, why and how join me at the Killing It With Collaboration MasterClass series in November – Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or at the ACE Your Marketing MasterClass in Sydney.


I believe one of the biggest changes people seek in their life is happiness. Many of us get to a point and realise that the life we have is not the life we envisaged for ourselves and we start to question why?

I believe, for many, the definition of success shifts over time and often comes back to the importance of purpose, connection, experiences and happiness as apposed to money, status and material items. This questioning path quite often is the catalyst for career change.

I believe anything worth having makes you feel uncomfortable at some point.  

I believe fear is a natural feeling in the context of change we all have the ability to work through fear we often just need help with the how.

I believe far to often we are the only barrier between ourselves and the change we seek. 

I believe real empowerment comes from skilling people to stand on their own two feet by providing them with simple tactics that enable change that is sustainable.

I believe that there are four foundational pillars to getting unstuck and kick starting a change: Courage (The You), Clarity (The What), Change (The How), Connection (The Who).

I believe in possibility, that there is a solution to every problem. Change is the lever to make it happen.  

If you would like greater clarity on what you believe and how to leverage it for positive change take a look at the UnstuckHer Program. One change a week for six weeks to kickstart your next move. Enrolments close 6pm 15th October.

Why Perfection Kills Change

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting" - Marc Jacobs.

The voices of women across Australia ring in my ears, I want to make change but I can’t start just yet I need more clarity, experience, skill, time, money… What I am hearing is I need to be more perfect.

I lost ten months in perfection paralysis. Working on building a business that I was to scared to launch because it had to be perfect before it was birthed to the world. It was only three months after launch that I realized my desire for perfect had achieved the complete opposite of what I sort and it triggered a complete rethink of my approach to change.

Perfection is brilliant at delivering a slow death to change, with negative impacts including significant loss of time, confidence and touch with reality. Not to mention untapped testing opportunities, lost motivation and an inability to fail fabulously and build resilience.

I firmly believe the clarity in change comes from the doing. For many of us there is a new skill required in unlearning the rigid old school structures of perfect planning before acting. Never in my 20 years of working in change across global giants, start ups or social enterprises has there been a perfect path to the holy grail of change. The path is evolutionary and comes from testing, failing, listening, learning and pivoting.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in change perfection I challenge you to reconsider your pursuit for perfect and stop placing unlimited barriers between yourself and a change that you know will make you happier. 

Know that where you start is not where you will end. You may believe you know how this change is going to play out but I can assure you it will be an evolutionary experience that will take form quite differently from what you envisaged.  Let go and allow yourself to be surprised by the journey.

Look at everything you do during your change as a way to test and explore what works best rather than having this idea that it needs to be perfect before you begin. Create hypothesis and then go about trying to blow them up, that’s where the real magic occurs.

Learn to love failure. I believe failure can be an extremely empowering experience. The most inspiring and action orientated entrepreneurs and change makers I have the good fortune of collaborating with share their failures like a badge of honor. They recognize how failure creates a platform for real growth, resilience and a stepping stone towards the next great change opportunity.

If you’re still feeling your need from perfection is holding you back why not truly push the comfort zone and get UnstuckHer with me. Enrolments are open until October 15, 2016.

When Is The Right Time To Leap?

I’m always fascinated by the misconception the world of social media creates. Misleading those seeking to make change when viewing those who have started a new career dream. Visuals of how entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners are killing it and all their wins. However, often when you scratch the surface and look behind the veil what you find is so much more interesting and empowering to those considering change. So often I meet these social guns in person and something interesting becomes apparent. Many of them have or have had their foot in two camps at once. One in the world of working for the man whilst the other is dipping into the world of starting that passion project.

Unfortunately, not many of these brave and smart transitioners share the fact that they are across the two camps. This is a real shame because it’s a very smart way of managing a change from a financial perspective, it normalizes the challenges of change for others and it is a great way to test when the right time to leap may be.

Which leads me to the fact that one of the most frequently asked questions that come from those wanting to make a career change is when is the right time to leap? I liken this question to the one of “when is the right time to have a child”. And for those of us who have been there we know that you can always find a reason to delay both because there will never be an exact perfect moment where you go…now is the right time.

So with that in mind a couple of simple tactics you may want to employ to help you navigate when the right time to leap is for you:

1. Action Breeds Clarity

Often my clients presume they cannot make a start on a career change if they don’t know exactly what they want to do or are passionate about. A little truth I have learnt is that far to often the clarity comes in the doing. So my first piece of advice is to devise a very simple plan that outlines what success looks like in the context of the change you seek in the next six to twelve months. Click here and download my free #GameChangeHer Action Sheet to get you started.

2. Ask For What You Want

Create the space to discover/explore your passion or your business idea by asking for what you want. To many clients find they can afford or are willing to reduce their working week (even by just 1 day) to create the space to make their dream happen but they are afraid to have a conversation with their line manager.  Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what is the worst that could happen? So your boss could say no, that then gives you a green light to consider devising an alternative strategy.  Interestingly I have met a number of women who have had the courage to ask and been given the reduced working week. A good leader will want to keep a good employee even if it is on reduced hours especially if they are focused on outcomes as apposed to hours.

3. Put It Out There

Stay with me on this one but I can tell you from experience that once you put out into the world that you are going to make change, somehow the planets seem to align to push you forward. Opportunity presents because people are more aware of what you want and what you are trying to achieve. Start by talking to your partner, family, friends and telling them that you are looking to do something different and exploring ideas. This is also a great way to keep you accountable to yourself in terms of delivering on what is important to you.

If you need a little more help to kick start take a look at my #GameChangeHer collaborations and let’s get you taking action with impact.