“Vulnerability is the new authenticity and an underrated powerhouse for creating real cultural change. ”

– Penny Locaso

Did You Know?

  • Employee engagement is at crisis levels globally with only 13% of employees working for an organization engaged. – Gallup Business Journal
  • High potential employees are consistently seeking my help, at a cost of thousands of dollars per day, to escape their employer and find happiness in their work
  • Many would prefer to stay, but feel they have no option but to leave.  They believe what matters to them in their work and their life is not understood or truly leveraged by their employer.
  • Every time talent leaves your organisation, it is estimated that the cost to replace them is between six to nine months of their salary – Society of Human Resource Management

Three Ways We Can Shift Staff Engagement Now

1. Build bravery and resilience by teaching tactical practices that constructively deal with fear, failure and influencing  uncomfortable situations

2. Create the headspace and framework for your people to explore what makes them happy and leverage this insight into how you evolve your organisational culture

3. Breakdown silos and enable untapped innovation to evolve by teaching the effective collaboration methods of the entrepreneurial world


Fear is often the number one barrier to making positive change at work and in life.  People temper themselves and their ideas due to fear of judgement and/or failure. Many successful professionals experience imposter syndrome, that awful feeling where they believe they may be exposed as a fraud.  

This eye opening workshop identifies what’s holding your people back and teaches them how to use fear to positively influence change and build resilience.


  • Identify fears and create a plan to pro-actively manage/mitigate fear from being a barrier to positive change
  • Build resilience through the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort
  • Positively influence outcomes when under stress
  • Respond pro-actively to fear and positively shift your attitude towards failure

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to remove the barriers to impactful change and positively influence  organisational culture.


This thought provoking keynote demonstrates the power of getting comfortable in discomfort, in order to create impactful change in both the workplace and in life.

Whilst the original delivery was undertaken in a bathing suit, this moment is now leveraged as a powerful case study during the keynote.


  • Experience practices that enable greater clarity on what makes you and your people truly happy
  • Learn the foundations of how to create happy change in life and work
  • Expose the key barriers to change and learn simple tactics to overcome them

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to make impactful change in the workplace and in life.


Do you know what makes your people happy? Have you considered how this insight would help you motivate, connect and engage your people on a whole new level?

The Happiness Project is a workshop designed to create the space to explore happiness and identify how to bring more of it into life and work.

We empower your people to make and influence tangible change through the exploration of personal possibility


  • Learn how to articulate and evolve your  purpose otherwise known as your Why.
  • Define what happiness looks like for you and walk away with a clear vision and plan to bring it to life
  • Build confidence in your ability to influence and make impactful change
  • Connect your people on a whole new level through the understanding of what matters most to them in life

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking meaning and greater fulfilment in their work and life.


How many of your people have brilliant ideas that could shift your business? Ideas that never see the light of day due to overwhelm and a lack of skill and resources to make it happen?

Do you observe departmental teams competing and withholding rather than coming together to innovate?

Have you truly explored the possibilities of external collaboration partners to build your brand, market share or skills and resources?

The Innovation Exchange workshop brings business divisions together for shared outcomes. It provides the foundation to turn the seemingly impossible into possible and turbo charge ideas into tangible action.

Learn how to:

  • identify innovative collaboration partners
  • build the confidence and skill to pitch new collaboration ideas or solutions
  • establish and execute internal and external collaborations effectively
  • explore collaboration opportunities and build connections through live in room collaborations

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to exploit possibility, level up problem solving capability and create an innovative culture.


We believe the world of tomorrow is going to fundamentally shift due to the rapid growth of technology. We are fascinated in what this means on an economic, environmental and sociological level. Everyone has a perspective as to what opportunities and impacts this will have on all of us in the context of work and life.

Wine & Whiteboards is a team building event that searches social challenges and devises possible solutions for de-risking and positively impacting our future in creative ways that hopefully bring more enjoyment to what we do.


  • Empathy and understanding of what motivates the belief systems of others
  • Next level connection based on what truly matters to your peers
  • Shifted perspectives around social issues
  • Innovative problem solving, ideation and often a desire to explore further

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to leverage the power of diverse thinking to create authentic connections and provide a unique platform for problem solving.

Words From Our Kin

“I just had a conversation with myself that I never knew I wanted to have.  Thank you” – Katie

“One of the highlights of my year so far was listening to Penny deliver her keynote on “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” for happy change.” – Lisa 

“Thanks for getting me started on kicking away my fears.” – Lolly

“Incredible talk! Truly inspiring and so ,so relatable to so many of us.  Nice to hear true stories from real people making stuff happen.” – Bianca

“BKindred thank you for such an awesome session, absolutely loved it and so many great takeaways to put into play.” – Renee

“Such a great and insightful session! Thanks for cracking open even more possibilities for the world and ourselves.  You rock!” – Jay

“Great content and heartfelt delivery.” – Cassandra


If one or many of these programs have sparked your curiosity or perhaps you have a specific question feel free to email me at penny.locaso@bkindred.com.au or call on +61 408 996 879

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