“I had the honor and the pleasure to host Penny as a Keynote speaker at our Booking.com annual meeting in Amsterdam. She delivered a great experience and an extremely inspirational speech in front of a couple of thousand people.
The content of the Fear Is Your Future talk and the way it was delivered caused a great impact and her interaction was awesome.”

– Angel Llull Mancas

(Senior Director North America at Booking.com)

Penny Locaso has delivered thought-provoking keynotes for audiences from 30 to 2,000. With clients including Booking.com, Lululemon Athletica, Financial Executive Women and more. She speaks on developing the key skills required to future-proof happiness, in work and life, in a world where the only constant, is change. Known for her down to earth and insightful talks, Penny’s audiences learn how to take ownership of their future, their happiness, and leave the room feeling empowered to take action with impact.

Please find below sample topics; feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a talk, or discuss a customised presentation. You can also view videos of Penny’s talks.

Fear Is Your Future

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.– George Addair

How often do you let fear stop you from pursuing something you really want? Just imagine the happiness, not to mention the creativity, and innovation, that could be realised, if fear did not hold us back. Imagine what it would feel like to be unapologetically you, in any situation. What if we didn’t have to imagine, and as a society, we could cultivate the skills, and environment, to leverage our greatest fears, as a foundation for happy lives and happy work?

In a world where technological advancement and impact is growing at an exponential rate, the only guaranteed constant is change. Yet many of us fear it and lack the skills to leverage change to our advantage. Fear Is Your Future seeks to provoke curiosity and demonstrate how fear is the greatest lever available to us, in making impactful and meaningful change, in a future of unknowns.

Humanising The Future Of Work

We are experiencing a crisis in big business. The rising pressure to prepare for and embrace the future of work, while relying on out-dated business models is cultivating an environment that could very well lead to a perfect storm.

The struggle is real: blue chip companies are undertaking their seventh transformation in five years and only attracting the bottom 35th percentile of talent in their graduate recruitment programs (comparative to past years), diversity quotas aren’t being realised and the unhappiness of the professional worker is growing.

Remaining relevant has never been more relevant for big business.

In this thought provoking keynote Penny Locaso explores how we can use technology to amplify human potential, not replace it, by putting people front and centre and humanising the future of work.

Happiness Future Proofing

This thought-provoking keynote demonstrates the power of getting comfortable with discomfort, in order to create impactful and innovative change in both the workplace and life.

The original delivery was undertaken in a bathing suit, went viral on LinkedIn, and started a global movement, this moment is now leveraged as a powerful case study during the keynote.

  • Experience practices that enable greater clarity on what makes you, and your people truly happy
  • Learn the foundations of how to create happy change in life and work
  • Expose the key barriers to change, and learn simple tactics to overcome them


The One Word That Will Change Your Life

Penny Locaso shares how shifting her mindset around the word NO, and using it as a lever, enabled her to find true happiness, and create a disruptive global education company, in just three short years.

Participants will learn how to use the word NO to build resilience, drive self-accountability, say yes to the opportunities that align with their happiness, and open the door to possibility.

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