Skilling Individuals And Teams For The Future Of Work

The Harvard Business Review indicates that the key skills required to thrive in the future include innovative thinking, resilience, humility, open mindedness and emotional intelligence. BKindred has developed transformative diversity focused leadership programs, keynotes and advisory services to develop and amplify the skills of the future. To book your next team workshop, keynote or community event email

If you’re seeking a bespoke program or thought leadership consultation service designed to address a specific diverstiy need within your business please call  +61 408 996 879.

How To Get #NakedForChange

Penny Locaso has become ambassador for finding comfort in discomfort and was this year accoladed globally for her bold move to deliver a keynote in her bathing suit, in front of 100 professional women, at the Level Up Conference. Her intent? To demonstrate how vulnerability and discomfort are the foundation of making impactful change.

Defining Success On Your Terms

Working with Ted X Melbourne curator Jon Yeo, Penny Locaso delivers a keynote on the power of defining success on your terms for greater happiness in work and life.

The Bravery Masterclass

BKindred exists to make lives happier by teaching individuals through to global corporations how to reframe and reskill for the future. Our programs focus on building life skills that enable you to bring your best you to any situation. Our Bravery Masterclass is designed to build resilience and confidence to enable individuals and teams to thrive in work and life.

The Future Of Work