The New Black of Business

BKindred Founder Penny Locaso shares her thoughts on the "human age" of business

It was November 2014 and I was sitting on the barstool, peering out the window of Kinfolk Café onto the bustle that is Bourke St, Melbourne.  Waiting over the scent of my almond milk flat white, to meet a person that would fundamentally challenge my belief system on conventional business models and introduce me to a world where business was motivated by purpose and it’s ability to positively impact the lives of others.

That person was Carolyn Tate, an unknown kindred spirit who had agreed to share an hour of her life with a random stranger.  A random stranger in career limbo, adequately labeled a corporate refugee some months later.

We sat at that bench like old friends reunited and shared stories of frustration with a business world that appeared to have lost its way, with a drive for dollars over community prosperity.  We spoke of the rise of the corporate refugee, a growing trend of well educated, talented professionals who were disenfranchised with their career choice, felt their values were compromised and challenging that there had to be a more meaningful way to make a living.

That conversation led me on a journey that crossed suburbs and states, connecting with small business owners who appeared to have found the holy grail of business, one would recommend another and the chain appeared endless.  These business owners were highly motivated, extremely passionate and driven by wanting to have a positive impact through their business idea, they tended to work to together to elevate each other as apposed to compete and most interestingly they were not aspiring for the scale of google.  They were business people, not charities, they just weaved the idea of purpose being the driver of business direction and consciousness into what they were creating.

From Meneka Premkumar at The Common Good Store in Kew to Jamie Green all the way up in Byron working on One Night Stand Sleepwear to Ruby Marsh who was working at Lulu Lemon whilst creating A Conscious Beauty, I was inspired, engaged and learning about business in a way I had never envisaged possible.

That’s why this month our BKindred theme is BConscious, we want to give kudos to a new age in business “The Human Age” according to Carolyn Tate.  There is so much for us to learn from these fish swimming against the school. It’s early days but the rule breakers we spoke to are on the cusp of what is fast becoming the new black in business.  The new black is business that is driven by purpose and focuses on prosperity for all stakeholders as apposed to one.

I challenge you to get curious about conscious business you may find your passion for work reignited.

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