3 Steps to Clear The Fog

BKindred Founder Penny Locaso shares her thoughts on simple ways to kick start the business planning process

Did you leave 2015 feeling like you were standing in a business fog? You had opened up to a barrage of new opportunities, tried your hand at a few new things to grow your business and then landed at the end of the year questioning have I got this right? Where do I take this next and how do I stay focused and not succumb to doing 10 things half arsed as apposed to 3 really bloody well.

When I walked into 2016 I made a conscious choice to walk out of the fog and into possibility. This mindset was the catalyst for a new approach to planning and strategy development with an outcome beyond expectation.  So here are my three steps to fucking the fog and finding focus in 2016

Step 1 – Reflect

Look back across the year and note what worked, what could be improved and what you’re going to do differently. Make a conscious choice to not to be bound to past business decisions if they have not served you. This is a great time to just let go, free yourself and move forward.

Step 2 – Dream

Write a dreams list. This is about being open to possibilities and writing down what you dream of in 2016. From this list pull out no more than 3 dreams you want to whole heartedly pursue and turn them into goals. Then take this great work and look at the next 90 days. What are the 2 or 3 activities you are going to focus on as priorities to move you in the right direction?

Step 3 – Get Out Of The Building

The more you share an idea the more it grows. You don’t have to plan alone. Seek out a 1 or 2 like minds and create the space to work on your business. Share a little about your business vision, who you are targeting and with what, your dreams for the year and your top 2 – 3 priorities to deliver those dreams over the next 90 days. Then take some time out to challenge each other on the different strategies you could employ to deliver those priorities.

These three simple steps have created a fundamental shift in my business direction for 2016. They’ve provided clarity on who I seek to help through my business, how I’m going to help them and where I will direct my energy over the next three months.   Stay tuned for some exciting changes within BKindred over the coming months!

If you need a little extra help to move out of the fog download a copy of my FREE BReset Action Sheet which provides a step by step guide on how to get planning really simply. You can also click on the link inside and schedule a free 1 on 1 with me to kick start the process.

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