She Owned It & Changed It

Penny Locaso shares an insight into the next evolution of BKindred

So for those of you who know me I often come across cool, calm and collected but what you may find interesting is that 2015 was the most turbulent year of my life. I left my partner of 18 years, became a single parent, made a conscious decision to turn my back on the corporate world and created my business BKindred. BKindred was born out of an overwhelming desire to leverage years of commercial experience in a global giant and an extensive professional network to elevate and empower others to create and sustain their own business dream.

I was like a duck on the water, from the outside looking in people thought every thing was smooth sailing but underneath the water my flippers were falling off, I was paddling so fast and in so many directions. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I made a conscious decision to checkout from everything at the end of 2015 head to Bali to reflect and recalibrate.

Whilst it was hard to step away from the business it was right. I returned home with clarity on my 2016 dreams and invested a day working the “how” and the priorities for the next 90 days with some of the finest minds I know in the Solopreneur/Entrepreneur space Kate Toholka of Kate Toholka, Sheree Rubenstein of One Roof, Sam Dunne of Dunne With Style and Amy Crawford of The Holistic Ingredient.

So you may notice things are changing around here. Time and deeper connection has allowed me to understand my inspiring kin and their challenges on whole new level.

And so what is the next evolution? BKindred is here to support fierce women, women who want more and know that there is a better way in business.  We empower and elevate those who are not fearful of being uncomfortable, who seek to pursue a fulfilling entrepreneurial career centered around their passion in lifestyle and wellbeing.

Over the coming months I will launch a suite of services that seek to help these inspiring women do the things they struggle to do alone through coaching, collaboration, connection and change. To find out more take a look at what I am About and stay tuned for the first exciting new offering that will launch in February.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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