So where does one find the “HOW” to leap from a disenfranchised professional career into a career they love?

Who doesn’t love BBQ banter? In the 16 years I worked at Shell the conversation over a sausage and salad was often driven to the exhausting debate of petrol pricing. But since my exit from the land of giants into the world of entrepreneurial types I have noticed a shift in the conversation. I listen intently to professionals, who seemingly have it all, talk about how burnt out and disenfranchised they are with the career that they have created. They speak of how their motivation has waned or is non existent and the only inspiration they find is listening to stories of the rising entrepreneurs driven by passion and purpose. Those that I meet daily, who are taking huge personal risks to chase a business dream.

This consistent theme forced me to undertake a little desktop research which further validated the trend I was experiencing.   Gallup study on employee engagement revealed that Australians are suffering from a serious case of workplace malaise, with more than 70 per cent either ambivalent about or completely disengaged with their jobs.

When I first left, what was considered a successful professional career, and entered the unknown world of creating my own business, I could feel the heavy sympathetic eyes of my professional peers looking down on me. They thought I had gone mad. What was I thinking trying to reinvent myself at nearly 40 and taking a huge career risk that may not even pay off. But that look in just 18 months evaporated and turned to intrigue, a barrage of questions on how and continuous requests for coffee chats.

I now carry myself with huge amounts of energy, I’m happy, buzzing and constantly talking about the inspiring people in business that surround me and enter my life daily. If I had a dollar for every time I now hear “I wish I could do what you’ve done!”   To which I respond, knowing what I know now, “the only barrier between what I do and what you do is you.”

So where do you find the “HOW” to leap from the professional career that has provided perceived security for years but no longer fits with the lifestyle you desirer nor motivates you to bounce out of bed? The HOW is about cultivating a positive mindset, building resilience, creating a simple plan that moves you in the right direction and seeking the support you need from a professional who can help you make it happen. If you’re in search of the HOW join me for my FREE upcoming webinar 4 Crucial Steps To Ditch The Daily Grind & Leap Into A Career You Love. CLICK HERE to take your first leap.

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