5 Ways To Dip Your Toe Into A Career Leap

You are an educated professional with a reputation for being great at what you do but you have had this idea eating away at you to do something different, more meaningful with your career. However, your old friend procrastination has been hanging around for a while with his hand firmly on the hand break.

 How often do we sit on something we have wanted for so long and then when we take the first steps, to dip our toe in, we find the overwhelm created from delay is unsubstantiated? The challenge of taking action is nowhere near as bad as anticipated.

 The first step in change is often the hardest, especially when that change is a career leap that impacts every aspect of your life and fundamentally your personal happiness. But there are ways to make taking that first step easier and releasing that procrastination hand break.

 If you need a little nudge to get your career leap moving why not try one of my 5 Ways to Dip Your Toe into Leaping?

  1. Visualise What Is Possible

You’ve been bogged down in goal setting for years. Perhaps it’s time to remove the formality and dream bigger than you’ve dreamed before. Ask yourself “what’s truly possible for me in the next 1 to 2 years?” and then step out of your structured comfort zone and get creative. Make a visual dreams board and put in somewhere you will see it every day. It becomes pretty hard to ignore your dreams when they are consistently in your face!

  1. Reach Out to Fellow Leapers

Have you found yourself acting like a voyeur on social media, watching (secretly a little jealous) someone who has had the courage to take a huge leap in pursuit of a career that they are passionate about? Consider stepping out from behind your phone and offering to buy these inspiring beings a coffee. You may be surprised that more often than not fellow leapers want to help others, considering the jump, because they know how fulfilling such a change is.

  1. Attend a FREE MasterClass

Stop dreaming and start doing. Why not take an hour out of your busy schedule and join me for an empowering FREE MasterClass that will walk you through
 4 crucial steps to leap from where you are now into a career that makes you bounce out of bed. Click here to reserve your seat!

  1. Define Your Blockers & Enablers

We can all create barriers to hold ourselves back from something that is uncertain and uncomfortable. So let’s deal with the blockers by understanding them and determining how we can remove them. Take out a piece of paper and create 3 columns.

Column 1. Blockers – note down all the blockers that are holding you back from taking your leap eg. Confidence, skill, money….

Column 2. Enablers – list all of the enablers available to you to make this change happen eg. Skills, networks, resources, positive mindset…

Column 3. Opportunities – look at your blockers and enablers and list ways that you can address any gaps  you have between the two to make a start

This activity provides a great basis to start a simple plan of attack.

  1. Leverage Free Resources

A constant source of inspiration and ideas for myself and many others is the brilliant CollectiveHub. Each month the website (and paid print publication) features Game Changers, Thought Leaders, Rule Breakers and Style Makers. There’s a reason why in just 3 short years of circulation this magazine is now distributed in over 35 countries!

 One of the first places I started when I was leaping was Udacity.com’s how How to Build a Start Up course. This visually engaging online training enables you to learn the key steps needed to build a successful startup (if that’s the career change your seeking) from the guru of Start Ups Steve Blank.

So there you have it 5 ways to get moving.  I challenge you to take the first step, dip your toe in and know that you have the ability to make this happen you just need to make a start

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