Courageous Ideas

I’m often surprised by the brilliant ideas for a new business venture, product development or career change that people seem to keep tightly locked inside their head. These ideas come to the surface regularly during coffee conversations about how the individual is no longer enjoying their chosen career. A simple line of questioning, around what would you do if money didn’t matter and you could do what you love every day, seems to unlock the vault that holds amazing ideas. Yet there is almost, I sense, a fear in allowing these ideas to be heard out loud. A fear that one may be judged differently, stripped down or told that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

Why is it that so many of us find it hard to share ideas we have that are outside the context of our current career? By not sharing these ideas we are not allowing the best part of the process to occur and that is the enablement of that idea growing through feedback, constructive challenge and builds that you may not have even considered.

 Ideation has taught me two important lessons over the years:

Firstly that the world is never short on ideas what it is short on is people who have the courage and resilience to share those ideas, grow them and then implement them into something meaningful. There are so many stories around successful entrepreneurs who were told that their idea was crazy and yet they still pushed on.

One of my favorite stories it that of Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx. Her idea for formfitting, footless pantyhose was rejected and considered stupid by many prospective funders. Yet that very idea is what made her the youngest self-made female billionaire. In her biography, she said “[I] approached several lawyers who thought my idea was so crazy that they later admitted thinking I had been sent by Candid Camera.” 

I have also learnt that the more you share an idea the more it grows. I recently hosted a Master Mind Day at my home with 4 other inspiring female entrepreneurs. The objective of this day was for each of us to set the strategic direction for our individual businesses for the year ahead and create a simple plan that enabled focus and accountability. What happened on that day was transformational for each of us. Through the sharing of our ideas each of us pivoted our focus areas. Our ideas evolved and reshaped into even better ideas through peer challenge and blue sky thinking.

Each of us holds within great ideas that we one day dream of bringing to life. I ask why can’t that day be to day? Why can’t we support and encourage each other to be courageous and share those ideas so that they at least have the opportunity to grow into something potentially meaningful, fulfilling or impactful.

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