How Wonder Woman Taught Me Resilience

I secretly always wanted to be Wonder Woman. It was 1982, I was seven years old playing in the hayshed of our farm in rural Victoria. Wonder Woman was my idol and so, in a re-enactment of a recent episode I climbed the giant hay stack, grabbed the rope secured to a roof so high it felt like it was attached to the heavens and took a giant leap. Only to swing and release myself half a meter shy of the mountain of hay that would soften my superhero landing. My foot cracked instantly. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and hobbled the 400 meters to the homestead to share the news with my mum, who proceeded to pat me on the back tell me I would be fine and go back out and play, which I did. My foot was in fact broken but we didn’t work that out until 24 hours later. I share this moment because it served as a basis for how I chose to approach resilience as I leapt from the safety of my professional career into the unknown of creating my own purpose driven business.

The What

Resilience in its simplest form is our ability to bounce back from adversity as efficiently as possible. Creating your own business is a world of adversity with the feelings of overwhelm, the bombardment of technological change, the rejection of ideas by others and the self doubt that creeps in, questioning ones ability to deliver the seemingly impossible.

The Why

You need to be tough to start over and create your business dream, which is why building super hero resilience as a business owner is critical to ensuring that you can stay on track and sustain long term.

Isolation for the Solopreneur/Entrepreneur presents an even greater challenge in the context of problems compounding. Being alone and mulling over a business problem can make it seem so much bigger than what it really is.

The How

So how as a career leaper creating your own business can you overcome these challenges and build super hero resilience into your day? I collaborated with fellow Solopreneur Wonder Woman, Sam Dunne of to create some simple tips on how you can build resilience into your journey. Sam runs her own amazing business venture whilst parenting two small children and juggling a busy household.

5 Ways to Improve Your Resilience

Reset Daily – According to Tom Cronin[1] we have 72 blocks of 20 minutes available to us every single day. So why not allow yourself just one of those blocks to complete a brief mindfulness exercise to allow clear thinking and enhance focus. There are some great apps that you can download such as Smiling Mind to help you reset. You could also consider keeping a journal and simply noting down at the end of each day your thoughts. This is a great way to wind down, de-stress and clear the mind prior to sleep.

Set Realistic Goals – It’s great to have big dreams but breaking those dreams down into bite size pieces by setting short term goals with realistic timeframes can remove the feeling of overwhelm. Business changes at a rapid rate. I am a big fan of the flexibility in the short term focused, 90 Day Plan on a Page which allows you to prioritise the Top 3 to 5 things you want to achieve each month for the next 3 months. The beauty is you can stick it on the wall so that it’s visible every day. Be sure to create space to celebrate your wins to help you stay positive and motivated.

Find your tribe –Seek out a group of like minded peers who are on the same journey to share your challenges and bounce ideas off. Connection helps you to realise you are not alone. Social media now provides a platform for building communities and engaging in conversation in a way that is simple and accessible. Why not take a look at or create your own Solopreneur Mastermind circle of 4 to 5 small business owners who meet regularly to work through shared challenges and hold each other to account.

Seek Out Courageous Conversations – Rather than exhausting ourselves mulling over what we cannot change, why not try and focus on what you can change which is generally how you show up and develop skills. Asking for constructive feedback from a diverse range of peers is a great way to understand how you are perceived, enhance your strengths and improve your areas of challenge.

Leverage technology – Google is your friend. I guarantee if you are experiencing a problem or want to learn something new, many others who have gone before you have had the same experience, so Google it. Check out online forums to see what others have done and what resources are available for you to move through it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed leverage technology to delegate. There are some great online resources now like and where you can outsource almost any task for an affordable price-from running errands, editing podcasts or designing a new brand.

How I bounced back from my Wonder Woman incident was determined by my attitude … supported by a little encouragement from my mum. I learnt that resilience was about ownership and choosing how you respond in the moment. So I challenge you to consider what action can you take as you leap into your business dream to help you enhance your resilience and own it like a boss.

If you’re on the cusp of leaping into a new business idea yet feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start…collaborate with me and turn your idea into action. Take a look at my new #GameChangeHer program designed with you in mind.

[1] Collective Hub Magazine Editorial October 2015

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