The Leapers List

“If not you then who? If not now then when?” – John E Lewis

No two career leaps are the same, they come in all shapes and sizes. Every story I encounter of a leap is uniquely motivating and enhances a fire within to take my personal leap even further in terms of pushing the status quo and my comfort zone.

What better way to inspire those considering a significant career leap than to bring to the fore some of the leapers who rock my world daily. So below is my first Leapers List. The List contains only some (not all, as there are so many) of the women I have the pleasure of collaborating with, who have leapt from the perceived security of a professional job into an unknown. These women have often felt like imposters as they transitioned, but they are resilient, mindful, focused on wellbeing and most importantly damn real! They have backed themselves in the pursuit of a career that they love, that offers choice, freedom and flexibility.

I challenge you if you don’t know of these women you should. They are changing their corner of the world one leap at a time.

Jessica Ruhfus of Collabosaurus 

Jess is the youngest leaper I know with probably one of the wisest business heads I have encountered. After just few short years working predominantly in public relations roles, Jess decided that working for someone else was not her gig.  She had a quirky idea (and business name to go with it) that was going to revolutionise collaboration between brands big and small and so she got up and ran with it.

Amy Crawford of The Holistic Ingredient 

Vivacious Amy had a highly successful career as a recruiter until a crippling illness forced a re-evaluation of every aspect of her life. A new found passion for wellbeing and the power of a positive mindset paved a leapers path into the online world of Wellbeing and Mindset therapy. This woman is a social media maven with over 90,000 people on Instagram loving what she does.

Kate Toholka of 

Ms Toholka is the quiet achiever.   Once an Occupational Therapist who was disenfranchised with her daily grind she is now an Online Success Mentor and Visibility Coach.  Kate helps women who are creating online businesses sustain and grow and more importantly believe in themselves and their ability. She has one of the most engaged online communities I have ever observed which all comes down to her truly authentic approach to communication.

Sheree Rubinstein of One Roof 

Sheree took the long study road to law and went on to work for one of the most well known law firms around. However, she had long felt this yearning within for more meaning in her work and a desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Sheree leapt from law into the world of Co-Working creating One Roof. Sheree is now on a mission to create a heartland for women-led businesses to access affordable shared workspaces, targeted business recourses and a global community of like-minded and supportive female entrepreneurs.

Carolyn Tate of Carolyn Tate & Co. and The Slow School of Business

Carolyn’s leap took place some years ago when she left a successful career as a corporate Marketer. She sold all of her possessions, moved to the South of France with her young son Billy, to ponder her greater purpose and what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.  As result Carolyn has created not only two businesses Carolyn Tate & Co and the The Slow School of Business but also a Movement of people who seek to create purpose driven businesses that have positive societal impact.

Kylie from Of Kin 

After 15 years of online sales, web project management, digital and content marketing for leading Australian brands (most recently as digital strategist for kikki.K) Kylie took the plunge to leap into her own business. Creating Of Kin with a clear mission to bring liked minded people together in surprising, fun and nourishing ways to build and broaden their skills in the area of digital marketing, content strategy, social media and creativity.

Kylie has also created the most compelling weekly blog entitled The Leap Stories where each week she undertakes an in-depth interview with a leaper to unpack their journey in the pursuit of inspiring others.

If you’re considering a career leap and want to work with an experienced Career Transition Collaborator, to stop the dreaming and start doing, take a look at my #GameChangeHer Program.

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