5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Taking A Career Leap

Who doesn’t want to turn a dream into action? That’s what I get to do every day, not only for myself but for others. That’s my business, it’s who I am. It’s what I leapt into, what inspires me everyday to hustle… and the hustle is real as I am not yet at the stage where my business is financially viable. There I said it! I want to be real, because I know I am far from alone in the pursuit of purpose and financial sustainability…building a dream takes time.

I believe it’s important to share and discuss the fact that leaps always come with sacrifice and uncertainty; it’s the nature of change. So let me share with you what they don’t tell you about taking a leap.

1. Clarity Is Not A Given

Most clients I work with don’t know what their leap looks like at the beginning. But they do know that they seek more meaning and fulfillment in their work. In fact many have never afforded themselves the headspace to think about what it is that truly makes them happy and get after it. The leaping process is an evolution, people don’t just wake up and know, that my friends is rare.

Tip: Learn to be comfortable in your uncomfortableness and know that as long as you have a plan and are taking steps towards something more meaningful you are on the right path.

2. Perception Is Not Reality

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the perceived online success of other leapers and feel that what they have achieved is way out of reach. I have met varied bloggers and business owners, with followings of over 50,000 on social media who are still struggling to monetize their ideas. I also know many who are working a full time job whilst building their dream. Yet the perception from those looking in is that they have made it.

Tip: Focus on your own journey and not the journey of others. If certain people on social media make you feel overwhelmed with your journey then consider removing your following. It’s also important to invoke authentic conversations with other leapers you meet. Often you will find they share or have experienced the same challenges as you even though they are further along their journey. There’s a lot to be learned in these conversations.

3. Leaping Can Be Lonely

Working on your leap can feel isolating especially if you are trying to do it on the side of a full time career. Challenges can seem so much bigger than what they really are affecting clarity and confidence.

Tip: Find your tribe. A couple of trusted peers who you can bounce ideas around with, who challenge you and make you think differently can deliver bucket loads of value. Consider reaching out to a leaper you admire and ask them for a coffee to discuss how they dealt with the challenge.  Better still seek out the services of an experienced Career Transition Collaborator to help you with your journey.

4. People Will Judge

You will find people will say “how exciting your chasing your dreams” but then judge your idea and question whether you have what it takes.  Worse still they may not do this to your face.

Tip: Know that often this judgment is more about them than it is about you. It’s part of our culture to strip down anyone doing something that we in ourselves fear. You need to remember that you are already amazing by taking the first steps towards your leap. I always find it helps to focus on what I can control as apposed to what I can’t and what I can control is my mindset and attitude.

5. Success In Leaping Is Not About The Money

For many years social perception has been that a successful person is a wealthy person. But my experience tells me that a truly successful person is a purpose driven one, who pursues passion over money. You only need to look to the likes of the Thankyou Group Founders or Lisa Messenger of Collective Hub.

Tip: Start with the end in mind and define what success looks like for you in relation to your leap.  And consider working your purpose, understanding your Why is a critical part of your success. A great resource with practical tools to help you work your purpose is Carolyn Tate’s book Conscious Marketing.

If your looking to work through some of these challenges or seeking to connect with other amazing women considering or pursuing a leap why not join me at our Ditch The Daily Grind & Leap Into A Career You Love event later this month?

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