The first step for a toddler is a profound moment. It is the moment when independence and real change begins. This simple step forward creates a momentum that is unstoppable. They step once, then maybe a second time, tumble to the floor, brush themselves off but the fact that they have moved provides the motivation to get up and try again. Three steps, four steps, five steps another fall and then back up again. Before you know it they are running.

How does this relate to the secret of career change? These single steps forward create momentum, independence, resilience and a self-belief that anything is possible…all the elements needed to start a career change.

In my experience the biggest barrier to making a career change is action.

Brilliant minds with amazing experience, yearning for change and career fulfillment but paralyzed by fear and the overwhelm of the unknown. So they just stand still unable to take that first momentous step forward.

The secret to career change is to take a step forward any step, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be forward, and like the toddler learning to walk, you accept that you will fall but you get back up dust yourself off and take another step forward.

Not one career leaper or tweaker I have met, in the hundreds I have engaged, ever had the perfect path to career change at the start of their journey it was an evolution.

The secret to their success in making a fulfilling career change was that they took action, stepped forward and then stepped forward again and again.

I challenge you to stop looking for perfection and waiting for that clear path before you start the next stage of your career journey. Just start taking action and stepping forward, you may surprise yourself and soon find you are up and running just like the toddler.

If your looking for ideas and tactics around how to take just one step forward join me and a number of other career leaping guns in Sydney or Gold Coast in August.

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