Twelve months in from the launch of BKindred and I am continually asked by those following my journey “how is it that you can deliver so much when it’s just you in the business?” Everything that I do from The FBOMB Show, The UnstuckHer Program, Leap Into A Career You Love national event series and more has only been possible due to the power of collaboration.

But before we unpack collaboration we need to talk competitors because the two in my world are intertwined. My mindset around competitors has shifted since my exit from the corporate world.

I used to see competitors as the arch nemesis of business; they were to be watched, feared and seemingly attacked with the introduction of new offerings.

When I started to explore the world of entrepreneurship I was profoundly surprised to find many Founders leveraging their purpose as a compass for business growth and realizing that they could have greater impact if they worked with others focusing on similar outcomes. They would collaborate with businesses who had cross over target segments and often some similarity in offering. The results of these collaborations were inspiring to observe and mutually beneficial. My mindset began to shift and I thought what if we started to share our ideas more broadly rather than keeping them to ourselves, in fear of them being stolen by a competitor. What if we considered an abundance mindset and believed that perhaps there is enough out there for everyone to make their way via their uniqueness.

I soon came to the conclusion that collaboration over competition was a powerful way to differentiate, grow and deliver positive impact because together we are so much better.

Collaboration is a powerful way to expand our resources, close skill gaps, build and expand our connections and reach larger audiences. But to begin? I use three simple steps to kick start collaborations:

Step 1 – Clarify

  • Define what success looks like
  • Summarise the value you bring
  • Define what you need by way of skills, resources, exposure etc.
  • Leverage social media to research perspective partners
  • Create a collaboration wish list

Step 2 – Connect

  • ·Draft a brief collaboration proposal
  • Send it to your collaboration wish list and consider jumping on over to and search the huge array of collaboration opportunities presented by prospective partners.
  • Wait for the magic to happen & if it doesn’t follow up

Step 3 – Co-Create

  • Brainstorm ideas with your collaboration partners
  • Agree what mutual success looks like in the context of the collaboration
  • Articulate roles, responsibilities
  • Create a plan to deliver with clear timings
  • Make it happen
  • Measure success & share learning’s

If you like the idea of collaboration and want to get down with the what, why and how join me at the Killing It With Collaboration MasterClass series in November – Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or at the ACE Your Marketing MasterClass in Sydney.

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