The most valuable resource for the Solopreneur is time. So what if I told you as a Solopreneur I could give you more time in your day to focus on the things that add value? Becoming more efficient in your day to day is a great way to create space to work on your business rather than in it. So here are my top hacks for streamlining and maximizing your time:

Productivity Hacks

Treat Everything As A Pilot – Perfection kills and is time consuming. Often 80% to test an idea is good enough, that’s why silicon valley start ups go out to market with what is called a minimum viable product (MVP). They start basic and enhance their product by being transparent with their customers and working with them to build a product they love.  This is a brilliant way to build relevance and customer engagement as you grow.  Check out’s StartUp Course it’s free and a brilliant visual learning experience that will help you learn how to create an MVP.

Facebook Live – Want to understand more about a customer problem before you invest time in providing a solution? Bring in a peer who is an expert around the perceived pain point and run a live chat about it to your facebook group. Promote the conversation a couple of days prior and ask people for their questions before and during the chat. You will be surprised at the insight this can provide to evolve, pivot or bin an idea.

Collaborate with other Solopreneurs – Together we are better, we have more skills more ideas, more resources, more reach and more fun. Reach out and share your ideas with your peers and watch them grow.

Time block – Make your time focused not distracted. Create a weekly work plan and schedule how you will spend your time. List one top priority for the day, then break it down into no more than three smaller tasks. Allocate time blocks to each task so that you can focus on delivery. Consider working in 90 minute blocks and putting your phone on aeroplane mode whilst your block working.

Template It – If you are writing an email, creating an event, developing a plan, basically doing anything that you know you will need to do again and again in your business, create a template. A template or documented process makes it easy to replicate action the next time you do it or better still hand it over to someone else to action. Investing time in templates upfront makes for light work down the track.

YouTube How To’s – If you are working on something new or stuck on how to fix a problem Youtube it. There will be someone else in the unvierse who has experienced the same pain point and gone online and created a simple How To video to help you solve your problem quickly.  Often trying to fix things you don’t quite get alone can sap time like you wouldn’t believe.

Reflect – Take 15 minutes each Friday morning to reflect on the week that was. Ask yourself what worked, what didn’t and what am I going to do differently next week. This is a great way to take time out and learn from your experiences in a timely way, it also allows you to high five yourself for the wins. To often as solopreneurs we just keep on doing and we forget to celebrate our successes. Acknowledging the little wins gives you motivation and energy to push on.

Be Mindful – Download the Headspace App and allow yourself 5 minutes in the middle of the day to undertake a mindfulness exercise. You will be amazed at how this can re-enrgise your afternoon and your clarity of thought.

Tech Hacks – I use Satori to mange all my coaching client bookings. It provides an end to end solution that details the programs I offer, takes payments, enables live bookings and integrates into my calendar.

Hootsuite – I spend 1.5 hours a week in a time block scheduling my social media to ensure diversity and value of content. Side note: do allow a little space to post fun and random things that come up.

Mailchimp – I use their templates to createmy own professional looking newsletter templates and mailouts to update my community on value adds and what I am up to.

Collabosaurus – I use this website to find prospective collaboration partners that are seeking a mutually beneficial exchange. It’s like tinder for brands and so simple to use.

Canva – I live in canva designing engaging images and professional promotional images to enhance my communications and my brand.

Basecamp – I use this platform to work collaboration projects with partners. It’s a great way to share all the information, documents and work associated with a project and keep track of what happened when.

Eventbrite – A simple way to create ticketed events and process payments. They also allow you to easily replicate any event and tweak it for another location or application.

If you’re looking for more ways to hack it join me and your kin in person this month on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Melbourne.

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