The Invisible Value Of A Woman

For years I felt average working amongst my corporate peers. Surrounded by intellectual brilliance (geo-physists, scientists, billion dollar deal makers) everyday can do that to you. It had nothing to do with my performance, I was rock solid on delivery. It wasn’t the behavior of the people I worked with, so many have become good friends over the years and still act as my biggest supporters. It was my self belief (or lack their of) and inability to place a realistic value on my skills and experience. It wasn’t until I stepped out of my day to day and into my own business that I realized the true value of me and allowed myself to feel good about how I could help others.

Over 300 women from across Australia, seem to share the same problem in downgrading their value or at worst making it invisible. I’ve heard…

“I’ve only got 15 years experience in a national giant in supply and distribution but I need another 2 years experience before I start my own fashion business.”

“I’ve been creating fine art for years but I don’t have the technical education to be credible.”

“I stepped out to have kids after a 12 year career in Marketing, I’m not sure what value I can bring to an employer.”

My observation is that the invisible value phenomenon can often manifest via self comparison of others “show real with your behind the scenes” and shining the spotlight on negative comments, we receive, whilst dimming the light on the positive ones.

How can we help others see how great we really are if we are not sure ourselves? If the concept of invisible value resonates why not create your very own Value List? Employ the following tactics and lift your awareness now on what you bring to the table via skills, experience and the uniqueness that is you.

  1. Ask 3 peers what they think your strengths are and write them down.
  2. Add to your list all the things someone will pay you to do.
  3. Now add to your list all the things that make you different from everybody else. Difference is a of value, there is a reason why companies have diversity policies.
  4. Lastly, add to your list the things you love doing. We often invest fully when we do what we love increasing our skill and experience with what seems like little effort. Eg. I love connecting people and collaborating on ideas…thats of value!

The combination of the outputs of these 4 tactics into your personal Value List is a start point for understanding how much value you have to offer and how by being uniquely you can be a point of difference as apposed to a barrier.

If you feel you need a little more help in unpacking your value, hit me up for an Energiser date.

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