It was 6.23am, the smell of wet grass flowed through the air, my four legged friend beside me and the early morning sun streamed through the trees. I was at the local park when it happened. After two years and hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations around career change, catalysts and reinvention I had a moment of enlightenment.

In that moment of presence, alone with nature, I realized that I had not been spending my time, since exiting the corporate world, designing a new career, I had been 150% focused on curating a lifestyle that enabled me to immerse myself in what made me happy.

A lifestyle that would enable me to be truly engaged in my sons development and happiness, a lifestyle that prioritised positive impact on the lives of others and reduced unnecessary material excess that had cluttered my life without adding value for far to long. A lifestyle that enabled the concept of digital nomadery: the ability to work from anywhere and immerse myself in the community that existed in each chosen location. Surprisingly my career reinvention had purely been a by product of the lifestyle I was so passionate about creating.

It soon became apparent that I was not alone as a “LifeStyler”. Following my moment in the park, I sort out the opinions of peers around the concept of lifestyle curation driving greater happiness and found it to resonate.

I believe the rise of the lifestyler is driving a shift in reframing the traditional beliefs around what success looks like. Status, big salaries and flashy expensive material items are so passé with the new black of success being positive impact, life experiences, community connection and flexibility.

How Can I Become A LifeStyler?

•   Start With The End In Mind: Define what success looks like for you in the next 12 months in the context of what would make you truly happy. Try not to focus on numbers or material items but think in terms of what you would have achieved, how you would feel, who you would have shared experiences with, what experiences you would have had, how would you have made others feel.

•   Seek Out Other LifeStylers: These creatures tend to be found spending their days in co-working spaces and evenings at innovative, thought provoking self development community events that can be found on the likes of the meet up app or eventbrite. Facebook groups like the GameChangeHer Squad, Sparrows United or Women In Social Enterprise are another great place to find them.

•   Create A Happy Plan: Leverage the simple BKindred Happy Plan (on just one page) to identify how you can close the gaps between your current state and your definition of success and pull together just three simple actions to make a start. This plan is available for download free when you subscribe to the BKindred mailing list.

•   Talk About It: When you put your intent out into the world it makes it real and makes you accountable. So if you seek to become a lifestyler and curate your version of happy start sharing what that looks like. You will be surprised at how possibility presents itself once others know what matters to you.

If the idea of curating a lifestyle resonates and you’d like a little help and connection to like minds to make it happen, join me in Brisbane for The Happiness Project in April.

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