Thrive Session / Amplify Your Potential

Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads? Or perhaps you’re a little stuck and unable to resolve a work or life challenge that’s been bothering you for a while?

What Is A Thrive Session?

It’s a confidential, action orientated, one on one workshop designed to amplify your potential and bring back your best you.

How Does It Work?

The Challenge: These sessions begin with a download of what’s got you feeling in a funk and why. This is really about you sharing everything that’s going on for you whilst I listen and ask questions to gain clarity on your specific needs.

The Brainstorm: We then go into workshop mode and consider what opportunities exist to resolve your challenge and turn your energy levels up. This is where we dive into the BKindred toolbox and pull out a bespoke solution that best fits your needs. If fear is holding you back, we tackle building bravery, not sure on where to next? We work defining happiness on your terms, need to have a difficult conversation, we break it down, or perhaps you don’t have the right connections to support you in making your next move, I open up my little black book.

The Way Forward: This is where we work positive action in bite size pieces to reduce the overwhelm of making change. You will walk away energized, with three simple actions in your back pocket that will empower you to make your next move.

What Do I Get

  • A 75 minute one on one problem-solving workshop.
  • 3 simple actions you can take now to help you thrive and sort this challenge of yours.
  • Absolute confidentiality. Rest assured that what is shared in this session stays between you and me.

Please Note: From time to time I use examples of client challenges that come up in Thrive Sessions on social media, with the intent of helping others. When using these examples I do not share any identifying characteristics of clients, I purely use scenarios.

What Do I Need To Invest?

Each Thrive Session is $499. If you feel one session is just not enough, I’m happy to organise a bespoke package that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

The Thrive Sessions are designed for curious beings who are open to doing things differently and taking personal accountability for making positive change. I’m a firm believer that action breeds clarity, so that’s where we focus our energy.

Customer happiness is my number one priority. I love what I do and seek to make the lives of my clients happier. If you believe you have made 100% commitment to the session, undertaken all of your homework, yet feel I have fallen short on my promise to you, I will happily provide a full refund.

Do I need to do any pre-work?

No. All you need to do is schedule the date in your diary and come armed with your challenge.

Where Is The Session Held?

Environment matters and influences our energy levels. If we undertake the session in person, we will select a location where you feel comfortable and inspired, that is away from your everyday. If we are having a virtual session, I ask that you select a location that makes you feel happy and energised.

Can my work pay for this?

Absolutely, these sessions are often related to professional, and personal development challenges that require independent perspective. It is worth talking to your employer about accessing available budget associated with professional development, or well-being programs.

If my work pays will my line manager receive feedback on our conversation?

These sessions are strictly confidential. Your manager will not receive any details of your Thrive Session other than what you personally choose to share.

What if I cry?                             

I have to be honest, many of my clients cry within the first half hour because they have been simmering internally on this challenge for a while, and feel overwhelmed and stuck.

If tears need to be had, let’s have them. They show you care and are invested in the outcome, which is a great basis for change. I promise to come armed with the Kleenex and a truck load of happiness hacks to work it through.

What if I feel I need another session or two to work this through?

That’s totally fine. You can book additional sessions here or we can create a bespoke package based on your needs.

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