“Breakthrough moments come when we surrender the need for control and allow ourselves to get comfortable in discomfort” —Penny Locaso

Screw New Year’s resolutions that never work, and get after 100 NOs.

How does receiving a NO make you feel? Do you have all these dreams you long to realise, or amazing people you’d love to connect with, but do nothing because you fear receiving the dreaded, NO? What if I told you I could shift the receipt of every NO into a mini-celebration?

We believe one of the best ways to realise what you want from life and amplify your true potential, is to start asking for all the things you want, but are too afraid to act on. So we’ve taken an amazing idea and turned it into a tool to help you step into fear, and learn to love a NO.

BKindred Founder, Penny Locaso swears by this practice. Since employing the 100 NOs she has had some mind-blowing YES’s including a trip to Israel with 50 female leaders from around the world, hosted a series of workshops in San Francisco, met with the Number 1 keynote speaker and publisher on the Future Of Work, and many other amazing opportunities.

The 100 NOs poster provides you with a goal to get after 100 NOs. Your job is to start asking for all the things you want, and every time you receive a NO, you cross it off your 100 NOs poster. Every NO you receive is a celebration as it moves you closer to your goal. But there’s a catch, every NO you receive moves you closer to a bigger YES. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so, this brilliant tool teaches you the simple practice of micro bravery, and encourages you to step into fear daily. If you seek to build your resilience and explore what’s truly possible, purchase your 100 NOs poster now!

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