“Penny focused all her energy, inspiration and creativity into the time she spent with me.   She uses a logical, simple process for drawing out ideas on future career development.   The process is deceptively easy.  She encourages challenging self-reflection, all within an emotionally supportive environment.  This is tough stuff and exactly what I needed.  Penny is a catalyst for change blended with genuine understanding.  She is commercially aware and realistic.  Hers is a passionate, real and unusually altruistic view on life.”

– Elizabeth, Environmental Engineer

“Penny is an inspiring and extremely knowledgeable business coach. Not only did she summarise my business goals in a one-page mind-map, but she also summed up my personal path and the barriers stopping me from achieving my dream life on a napkin. Thank you Penny for your honesty, compassion and ability to develop strategy for both business and personal life.

Penny provided me with the ability to implement business strategy immediately. I learned about the little things that make a BIG difference and Penny’s guidance allowed me to identify what I need to do now to make sure I’m designing the future I want.”

– Elizabeth, Holistic Coach

“Penny has been an inspirational and supportive coach. She has supported and guided me in making my decision to change careers. If it wasn’t for the help and guidance of Penny I would have thrown in my career in teaching and replaced it with a band aid job that very well could have lead me to disappointment in the future. Instead I am pursuing a career that is aligned with my passions, beliefs and values. I will be forever grateful for Penny’s willingness to help and support me on this journey.”

– Cathy, Education Professional

“Penny is an authentic business leader who demonstrates an unrivaled energy and passion for whatever she puts her mind to. I have been lucky enough to work with Penny over many years in both a formal business setting and more recently as a trusted advisor. As a coach, Penny is a skilled listener who has a unique ability to ask the right questions to enable rich conversation and reflection. Through the use of formal and informal frameworks she has assisted me to identify a set of key issues and ultimately develop my own strategy for success.”

– Madeleine, Strategic Marketing Professional

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