The Fear(less) Masterclass

Thank you for attending Fear(less) Masterclass. It’s official, you’ve now given yourself permission to be fear(less). Today’s the day to start practicing what you’ve learnt through small acts of micro-bravery. Trust me, it works. Give it a go and feel free to email me and tell me where it leads, I’m always excited to hear from brave alumni.

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Fear(less) Masterclass Resources

Looking to level up your Micro Bravery and get after 100 NOs? Click here to purchase your very own 100 NOs poster now.

Join the Fear(less) Masterclass Slack Workspace. This is a great way to connect and continue the learning with your workshop peers and Penny.

Please find below for your reference some of the additional resources I mentioned during our session.


Tim Ferriss Ted Talk on Fear Setting

Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on Vulnerability

Jia Jiang’s Ted Talk on 100 Days of Rejection

Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian) Ted Talk on Imposter Syndrome


Fear(less) Masterclass Slides

Click here to download a pdf of the slides from the Fear(less) Masterclass.


Thrive Sessions

Attending the Fear(less) Masterclass was just the first step to opening the door to possibility. If you feel you need a little extra help to work through building your confidence, or perhaps you have a challenge in work or life that you just can’t resolve alone, you may want to consider a Thrive Session. This confidential, one on one workshop is designed to help you bring your best you to any situation.


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I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

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