Future Proof Me

Thank you for attending Future Proof Me. Your collective input was hugely valuable in exploring the opportunity available to each of us in creating our own career ladder rather than climbing it.

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I’m extremely passionate about deepening the Future Of Work conversation and collaborating with open-minded organisations and meetup groups, to create cultural and skill-building interventions that amplify human potential of people and enable businesses to realise gender diversity in our lifetime.

I challenge you to transfer your interest into action and explore how you, as a leader, can bring this conversation into your workplace. If you’d like to prepare your organisation for the transition into an unprecedented technological era, consider bringing Bkindred’s innovative programs and cultural interventions into your next team meeting. Click here to book a time directly or to discuss your specific requirements.


Future Of Work Resources

If you feel so inclined to broaden your understanding of the Future Of Work, I have listed below some interesting resources.

Armageddon or Opportunity? What You Need To Know About The Future Of Work

Humans Need Not Apply

In The AI Age Being Smarter Will Mean Something Different

Finland Tests Universal Basic Income

Can Capitalism Survive Economic Singularity

The Future Of Work Podcast With Jacob Morgan

Future Proof Me Slides

Click here to download a pdf of the slides from the Future Proof Me workshop.

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I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

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