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the future of work.

“This workshop delivered a powerful message that everyone needs to hear, at least once in their life. Facing fear brings endless opportunity.”

– Australia Post Leader

“You can’t walk out of this workshop with out having been inspired by yourself and clear on at least one action that will make a difference in your life.”

– Tav

“I have done a lot of self development work and purpose exploring. This opened up a way to get there that I hadn’t done before and I’m excited to take these actions away and put them into practice.”

– Jen

“Fear can be one of the best things. That freaking blew my mind.”

– Francesca

“Wonderful session. If you are looking for a way to break down the barriers to what really makes you happy, this is a must do.”

– Sasha

The Challenge

With the rapid pace of technological progress, work in the future will look very different from today.

To thrive leaders and individuals need to be prepared, but many of us are unsure of how or where to begin.

The Opportunity

The Future Of Work provides a unique opportunity to re-conceptualise what work means and cultivate innovative environments and skills that create happy organisations and people.

But how as an organisation do you leverage the next technological era to create a truly diverse and inclusive culture, attract and retain the talent of the future and skill your people to bring their best selves to work?

The Solution

We’re here to help you humanise the future of work, amplify your people potential and create a culture that thrives in uncertainty. We work at the intersection of technology, innovative change and happiness, delivering bespoke skill building programs and change interventions that prepare your people and business for the future of work.

You’re in good company. LuluLemon Athletica, Bookings.com, General Assembly, Australia Post, Department Of Defence and Powercor along with global women in technology communities are embracing BKindred solutions.

We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we leverage over 20 years of change expertise and a global disruptive peer network to create innovative solutions and thought leadership to address your specific needs.

As a disruptive global education company, we partner with corporations and women in technology communities, to build businesses and careers that make women happy.

We have developed transformational leadership and change programs, cultural advisory services, and keynotes to build the skills of the future.

Explore our program offering below. Can’t find what you need to address a specific business challenge? No stress we offer bespoke program development based on your specific needs. Click here to book a time to talk through your challenge with us.


“By one popular estimate 65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don’t yet exist. ” – WeForum

Predictions indicate an unprecedented scale of disruption caused by the full realisation of automation and technology. To thrive in the rapidly advancing digital economy, those of us who work and lead will need to be prepared, but many of us are unsure how, or where to begin. Future Proof Me provides a unique opportunity to re-conceptualise what work looks like, and how we can leverage the Future Of Work (FOW) for greater happiness, greater workplaces, and social impact.

Learning Outcomes

Future Proof Me will provide your team with:

  • Clarity on what the future of work looks like, and how it impacts individuals, work, and communities.
  • Identification of the opportunities and challenges the future of work provides, in the context of you, your work, and your community.
  • Simple tactics that you and your team can employ, to positively impact what the future of work looks like.

Who It’s For

Organisations or community groups seeking to get ahead of the curve, cultivate an innovative environment, and future proof the happiness of their organisation and their people.


Vulnerability is the new authenticity and an underrated powerhouse for creating impactful change and amplifying the skills required in the future of work. – Penny Locaso

Imagine the innovation that could be created in your business if fear did not hold your women back. Imagine the leadership diversity of an organisation that encouraged women to bring their whole self to work.

Fear is often the number one barrier preventing your women from stepping into positive change, at work, and in life.  Many temper themselves and their brilliant ideas due to fear of failure, being exposed as an imposter or what others might think.  This eye-opening, tactics based program identifies what’s holding your women back and teaches them how to use fear to positively influence change, build confidence and practice resilience.

The Fear(less) Masterclass is a powerful way to innovatively shift the culture of your organisation by making fear a positive emotion that is shared, problem solved collectively, and celebrated, ultimately leading to more innovative thinking and improved change capability.



When was the last time you said yes to something you didn’t want to do in order to avoid a hard conversation? For many of us this is a daily practice. A practice that impacts our ability to do the work we love, live the life that we want, and leave the legacy we dream of.

Why do we do this? Because many of us suffer from People Pleaser Syndrome, avoiding difficult conversations out of the fear of feeling uncomfortable and potentially damaging relationships.


The Art Of No will teach your people how to:

  • Step into each opportunity with conscious intention.
  • Take back control of how they respond under stress.
  • Build resilience through the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort.
  • Improve influencing and conflict management skills.
  • Improve productivity.

Move closer to what they want in work and life quicker, through the elimination of unnecessary noise


  • Clarity on where to invest energy and resources in order to build confidence and maximise productivity.
  • A new positive language to use when faced with a difficult conversation to help shift mindset and build change capability.
  • A set of evergreen tools that can be used to tackle having hard conversations and support building ongoing resilience and confidence.
  • An action plan that will enable your people to remove the barriers associated with difficult conversations and delivering a No.
  • Improved confidence to bring who they truly are to work and life, supporting greater diversity in your organisation.
  • A deeper level of trust and connection amongst peers based on the personal experiences shared in the room


Do you know what makes your people happy? Have you considered how this insight would help you motivate, connect and engage your people on a whole new level?

Project Happy is a workshop designed to create the space to explore happiness and identify how to bring more of it into life and work.

We empower your people to make and influence tangible change through the exploration of personal possibility.


  • Learn how to articulate and evolve your purpose
  • Define what happiness looks like for you and walk away with a clear vision and plan to bring it to life
  • Build confidence in your ability to influence and make impactful change
  • Connect your people on a whole new level through the understanding of what matters most to them in life

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking meaning and greater fulfilment in their work and life.


Emotional intelligence has been referenced by Harvard Business as one of the most critical skills in the context of the future of work. Project Me is designed to enhance the emotional intelligence capability of your people enabling them to bring their best selves to work and life.


  • Take back control of how you respond under stress through the practise of self awareness and self regulation
  • Learn how to improve relationships through the understanding of how your actions and behaviors influence and impact others
  • Understand why people respond the way they do and learn how to demonstrate authentic empathy

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to bring the best version of themselves to work and life.


How many of your people have brilliant ideas that could shift your business? Ideas that never see the light of day due to overwhelm and a lack of skill and resources to make it happen?

Do you observe departmental teams competing and withholding rather than coming together to innovate?

Have you truly explored the possibilities of external collaboration partners to build your problem solving capability, brand, market share or skills and resources?

The Innovation Exchange workshop brings business divisions together for shared outcomes. It provides the foundation to turn the seemingly impossible into possible and turbo charge ideas into tangible action.

Learn how to:

  • identify innovative collaboration partners internally and externally
  • build the confidence and skill to pitch new collaboration ideas or solutions
  • establish and execute internal and external collaborations effectively
  • explore collaboration opportunities and build connections through live in room collaborations

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to exploit possibility, level up problem solving capability and create an innovative culture.


We believe the world of tomorrow is going to fundamentally shift due to the rapid growth of technology. We are fascinated in what this means on an economic, environmental and sociological level. Everyone has a perspective as to what opportunities and impacts this will have on all of us in the context of work and life.

Wine & Whiteboards is a team building event that searches social challenges and devises possible solutions for de-risking and positively impacting our future in creative ways that hopefully bring more enjoyment to what we do.


  • Empathy and understanding of what motivates the belief systems of others
  • Next level connection based on what truly matters to your peers
  • Shifted perspectives around social issues
  • Innovative problem solving, ideation and often a desire to explore further

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high performing professionals seeking to leverage the power of diverse thinking to create authentic connections and critical problem solving skills.

Words From Our Workshop Alumni

“Penny makes you feel like you are not alone in the quest to seek happiness in everyday life. Her vulnerability and passion connects with you and leaves you hanging on with every moment she has to share.” – Taylor

“Hearing so many people embrace fear makes happiness easy to find with the help of Penny and leaders like her.” – Elle

“Penny opened my mind to principles I’ve never used to help break down fears and the stigma of fear. I was completely engaged and empowered to take even the smallest of steps to create change for the better” – Ellie

“Thank you for putting things in perspective and making me think about what’s stopping me from making change today.” – Ellie

“I just had a conversation with myself that I never knew I wanted to have.  Thank you” – Katie

“One of the highlights of my year so far was listening to Penny deliver her keynote on ‘getting comfortable with being uncomfortable’ for happy change.” – Lisa 

“Incredible talk! Truly inspiring and so, so relatable to so many of us.  Nice to hear true stories from real people making stuff happen.” – Bianca

“BKindred thank you for such an awesome session, absolutely loved it and so many great takeaways to put into play.” – Renee

“Thank you for helping me to recognise that as humans we all have the same fears and sharing them can be hugely constructive” – Carolyn

“Such a great and insightful session! Thanks for cracking open even more possibilities for the world and ourselves.  You rock!” – Jay

“Great content and heartfelt delivery.” – Cassandra

“I love that the actions were achievable and the theory easy to implement.” – Renee

“You made me think about my current state of mind and where my life is at.” – Bridget

“Thank you for your honesty and helpfulness in making me think about ways to improve how I view myself and my situation.” – Sam

“You opened my mind to new beginnings.” – Kaitlyn

“Thanks for getting me started on kicking away my fears.” – Lolly

“I realise now how important it is to take time to reflect on my fears, how they are holding me back and what I can do to change this.” – Sian

“Thank you for teaching me that fear has a positive side.” – Lauren



If one or many of these programs have sparked your curiosity or perhaps you have a specific question feel free to email hello@bkindred.com or call on +61 408 996 879

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