Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get for my membership fee of $279 per annum?

For less than $24 a month you gain access to a peer coaching network in your back pocket, monthly discussions and action orientated resources, discounted event access and best of all your membership enables our 1 for 1 commitment. For every membership we sell we gift a like membership to a Not for Profit, helping them to better service the needs of their communities.

Why should I BKindred?

Simplicity: We understand that as a small business owner you have enough on your plate, and need to concentrate your efforts on what you’re best at. This means that our knowledge base and network will allow you to work on your business, instead of solely ‘in’ it.

Connections: Our work is based around people, and the way that like minds can share experiences, and learn from one another to grow.

Balance: One of the hardest things to achieve when starting/running a business is balance. We will help you develop awareness of expectation versus reality, grow your confidence and ultimately empower you to create or continue change.

Action: Talking about change is one thing, creating that change is another. Our knowledge and networks will offer practical and tangible solutions. We know you have challenges – we will work with you to discover a solution and act upon it.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

Our membership fee of just $279 per annum is the only fee you will pay to BKindred. This fee enables you discounted access to all of our events and unlimited use of all the amazing inspiration and resources available on our website. It also enables a like membership to be gifted to a Not For Profit because we believe when their business runs better so to does our community.

How do I join the BKindred private Facebook Group?

Our private Facebook group is one of our member benefits so simply click here to become a member and then select the link in your membership confirmation email to request access to our private Facebook group .

If I have purchased a ticket to an event and am unable to attend am I able to get a refund?

Event tickets are not refundable however you are welcome to gift the ticket to a small business peer or Not For Profit that you feel would benefit.

Can I transfer my BKindred membership to someone else?

Memberships are not transferable. We love our members and are always excited to welcome new members. If you know someone who you think should BKindred please share our website with them.

Is this all available on an app?

Whilst we don’t have a BKindred App at the moment if you feel that this would be beneficial and you have some ideas around how we could best develop a solution to meet the needs of our small business kin feel free to contact us.

What do I do if I have a technical issue?

Please contact us and let us know of the challenge you are experiencing and we will work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Do you have a question that you don’t see answered here?  Drop us a line here

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