Breakthrough moments come when we surrender the need for control and allow ourselves to get comfortable in discomfort.

What Is The BKindred Academy?

We teach the how of happiness.

The BKindred Academy is an online school where we teach you how to future proof your happiness in work and life by making impactful change in bite size pieces .

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current state, the future of work or know where you’d like to go next but are unsure on where to begin The BKindred Academy will empower you to move from overwhelm to happy change mastery.

How Does The BKindred Academy Work?

Three times a year we run collaborative online peer learning programs with participants from around the world. Whilst each program starts on a set date we understand that everyone learns at a different pace so our programs remain open to you for the life of the program. 

Each program includes engaging online lessons, downloadable action sheets and our favourite change enabling resources. Our private Facebook group encourages students to connect with each other, share learnings and problem solve together.

The BKindred programs also include interactive engagement via regular live Q&A sessions, accountability coaching and ongoing change advice to ensure our participants take action and receive maximum value from their investment.

Where Do I Enrol?

Our next BKindred program will run in February 2018.  Subscribe here so that you don’t miss out on the launch details. 

If you’re feeling stuck in work or life and know change is needed to weave more happiness into your day, the BKindred Academy is for you.  This is the place to start when you don’t know where to start.


Our Happiness Guarantee

Customer happiness is our number one priority which is why we only sell BKindred programs that are proven to create impactful change and evolve happiness.

We love what we do and seek to make the lives of our students happier. We are not in the business of taking money from people who don’t believe they have received value for their investment. 

We will happily provide you with a full refund for any program purchased if you believe you have made 100% commitment to the program, undertaken all of your homework yet feel we have fallen short on our promise to you.

We’re With You For Life

We love our students and seek to support their ongoing development. Once you invest in a BKindred program you have access to that program for life. As long as we offer that program it is yours to access.  So you can retake the program at any time and benefit from the continued value we add as we learn more about the needs of our students and new resources become available.


Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

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The Future is Coming

Fact: the future is less than a second away. Are you ready for it?

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